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By: John Walker Pattison

Blenkinsop Blabbermouth and the Ghost of Broderick McCaffery

Pages: 78 Ratings: 5.0
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Daniel and his best friend, Papa, make their way through a sinister cave, where a crow picks at the little flesh that remained on a pile of bones. The misshapen walls of the cave, embedded with diamonds, glisten and gleam like mysterious eyes watching their every footstep.

Into the enchanted forest they march, but soon they are confronted by a fierce crocodile, then a frustrated condor, before being tasked with helping Ernest, the rarest of rare custard elephants.

Papa told Daniel about Captain McCaffery’s wicked gang of cutthroat crew. The most feared was Crazy Maisie, the wife of McCaffery. An incredibly large and feisty woman; her red beady eyes peered out through a wild tangle of matted hair like those of a wolf about to make a kill. The crew was in absolute fear of her, claiming that she was at least 150 years old; the skull tattooed on her right cheek was proof that she was indeed possessed by evil.

Eventually, the two adventurers make it to the glittering treasure of Broderick McCaffery, which lay scattered at the entrance of the Cave of Eternal Screams.

But, to protect his treasure, McCaffery used black magic. He also had the help of Sidero, a sly, slithering snake, with fiery red eyes filled with torment, a forked tongue that flicked in and out, and a mouth filled with bloodthirsty razor-sharp fangs.

Then, a single bolt of zigging and zagging lightning jolts across the sky like one million volts of electricity screaming in anger! As they stand in fear, the delicate sound of thunder fades into the distance and a voice booms out from the cave entrance…

John Walker Pattison was born in the wonderful seaside town of South Shields 64 years ago.

He is a long-suffering but dedicated Newcastle United supporter; however, there is little doubt that the crucial hinge in John’s life is his beautiful wife, June, and his family. “Nothing is more important than family,” says John.

He recently retired from his post as a senior clinical nurse specialist in haematology at his local hospital, a place that established his cancer diagnosis in 1975; he is humbled to be one of the longest living cancer survivors in the UK at 46 years post diagnosis.

His interests include Native American photography and exploring parts of America unseen by tourists.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Simon King

    We bought Pattison's first book for our 8-year-old twins - we bought this new title and it is on a different (higher) level. A complete story that is both funny and captivating. The boys loved it and became so embroiled in the subject of pirates, they are now seeking out more pirate titles. It's fair to say we can't wait for the next book John is releasing. A fantastic book that delivers on all levels.

  • Trevor Sinclair

    I read the author's memoirs and was intrigued by his portfolio. So, I bought this for my grandson and he loved it. A magical story that captivated us. John clearly has a skill in literature.

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