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Bluest Dream of Mine-bookcover

By: Alex Liu

Bluest Dream of Mine

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Bluest Dream of Mine: A Journey Beyond Boundaries by Alex Liu is a profound exploration of identity, purpose, and the human condition, stretching across the vast landscapes of finance, science, and the intricate tapestry of personal history. Beginning his career in the high-stakes world of finance at Citadel, Liu embarks on an unconventional path that leads him to the realms of medicine and chemistry, seeking a foundation in the tangible truths of the physical sciences. This narrative is more than a career memoir; it delves deep into Liu’s philosophical musings, his struggles with mental health, and his quest for understanding within a world framed by the monumental events of World War II.

Liu’s narrative weaves together the personal and the historical, presenting a tapestry that spans continents and epochs. Through his eyes, we explore the complexities of the Chinese human condition, the enduring legacy of World War II, and the existential battles fought on the fields of mental health and identity. This book is a testament to the power of change, the importance of grounding in reality, and the unending search for meaning amidst the chaos of existence.

Dedicated to Rhiannon, Bluest Dream of Mine is not just a reflection on a life lived across the spectra of finance, science, and medicine; it is an invitation to the reader to ponder the larger questions of who we are, where we are headed, and how history, both personal and collective, shapes our journey through life. Alex Liu’s narrative is a bold statement on the resilience of the human spirit, a dream blue in its depth and scope, compelling and richly layered, offering insights that resonate with anyone who has ever sought to understand their place in the vastness of history and the intricacies of the human heart.

Alex Liu started his career in finance after graduating from Harvard, working at the hedge fund Citadel in Chicago. He went on to attend Columbia University’s program for aspiring doctors and did chemistry research at Tufts University. The transition from finance to science was necessary to tackle the challenges that Alex felt he needed to tackle, as he found in the physical sciences a grounding in reality that was lacking in the subjective world of finance.

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