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Candles in an African Wind-bookcover

By: Allan Webb

Candles in an African Wind

Pages: 278 Ratings: 4.7
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Rogues, Romance, Rhodes, Railways, Raids, Rebellion, Rinderpest… The sabres rattled amongst nations: Great Britain, Germany, the South African Boer Republic, Rhodesia, Bechuanaland and the great African warrior tribes…

Resource-hungry power brokers and their lust for fame and fortune shape the destiny of common people from different nations and ethnic backgrounds whose lives are inextricably intertwined and shaped by the colonial expanse of the 1890s, all within the fabulously rich but untamed interior of southern Africa.

Cecil John Rhodes, Prime Minister of the Cape and Natal Provinces, will stop at nothing to expand British influence and lay claim to the wealth and riches within the region. His vision is to push his railway north as far as Cairo to expand the influence of the Crown.

Willam Brady – a humble prisoner deported from England and in the bond of a military Colonel – grasps his opportunities in southern Africa, experiencing enthralling adventures, the rekindling of his faith and unlikely friendships before winning the hand of a beautiful wife.


Allan is an engaging and positive person with an outgoing character; he possesses a fine sense of humour.

Born and raised in Matabeleland, Rhodesia, Allan enjoys the outdoors, wildlife, exploring God’s creations and the adventures that these pursuits bring. He has four adult children and five grand-children. Allan is a man of faith and is active pastorally in the local church.

He and his wife, Linda, and their extended family now reside in Mandurah, Western Australia.

Customer Reviews
12 reviews
12 reviews
  • John Bailey

    Having read the book Candles in an African Wind, I was captivated with it and read it in two days.

    I am not South African and while it is a fictional story line, I found the intertwining of the history of Africa into the story enlightening. To see Rhodes, the fighting between the African tribes affecting ordinary people, brings history to life. Yes the tribes fought and yes Rhodes was hungry for gold, silver, diamonds and expanding the rule of England, but this book puts flesh and meaning into everyday life while the intrigues of behind the scene politics exploded onto the pages.

    The story line is realistic and draws you into the life of two people as they struggle to live in that period of history.

    The geography is accurate and then having a place where things happen that is fact, allowed me to identify with Africa and I felt part of the country, being taken through Africa with places, mines and towns I could find on google maps.

    Excellent and and I loved reading it.

  • Lynette Cox

    Review by Lynette Cox
    This book is a wonderful insight into the lives of people who with courage and faith forged ahead in a wild, beautiful and untamed land. Their adventures and perseverance reveal the greed, terror, hardship and struggles experienced by early settlers in Southern Africa. Although the saga is fictional, the people groups, wars, diseases and historical events are factual. I highly recommend this book and anxiously look forward to the sequel.

  • Alana Major

    A captivating read set in the beautiful, rugged, sometimes brutal, Southern African landscape. For those of us from that region it affords a wonderful walk down memory lane.

    Full of historical detail, adventure, rebellion, courage and romance.
    The end leaves you anticipating a sequel to discover what happens next in the lives of these courageous, faith filled, salt of the earth, early settlers.

  • Rod Stuart

    A delightful story, full of intriguing and loveable characters, which take you on a journey full of adventure, danger and faith. You live with them every step of their travels, captivated by what is to come next. A very easy-to-read and warming story, through which Allan has also been able to roll out a history lesson. Very well worth the read, I was shocked that this was Allan's first book. This book calls for a sequel.

  • Ray Briene

    I am still in the process of reading this great book written by Allan Webb, so far it has captivated me, the storyline and the characters in this book continue to keep me engaged and wanting to know what's next.

  • Andre Lombard

    A fictional/fact-based must-read about life in Southern Africa. This book has a Wilbur Smith feel about it and the storyline holds you so that it is hard to put down.
    Allan is very knowledgeable about Southern African history but I was very surprised at the result when he asked me to critique one of his final drafts. He has the gift and hopefully, a sequel will start quenching our craving for those African stories we became accustomed to from other famous authors.

  • Neil Woollacott

    Such a great read. Very informative being based on the history of the times. Enjoyable and moves at a good pace. Looking forward to the sequel!!
    Well done Allan

  • Gift Modekwe

    Based on the apparent fact that the positives of Candles in an African Wind far outway the negatives, it's only suitable for me to rate it 5 out of 5 stars. The negative point is too slight to cause me to remove a star from such an intriguing book. Also, it was professionally edited. I found just one error in it.

    I recommend this book to those interested in historical events, especially those in Africa. They will learn about historical events in Southern Africa.

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