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Change Your Name and Disappear -bookcover

By: Rosie Malezer

Change Your Name and Disappear

Pages: 363 Ratings: 5.0
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In Domestic Violence, there are no rules. Happy. Healthy. Successful. Everything in Tammy's life was great until the day her martial arts instructor, Steve, asked her on a date. Their whirlwind romance took her to a place only dreams are made of. But within a year, her life had become one of violence, beatings, imprisonment, miscarriages... until the birth of her son. After Steve almost killed the baby, Tammy took her son and left. Then her baby died. Steve had instigated a sickening plan to bring her home and committed a heinous crime which he felt would surely lure her back to him. Regardless of Tammy's constant pleas for help, the state police refused to get involved. She finally contacted police headquarters. During his arrest, Steve told police, in no uncertain terms, that if he ever sees Tammy again, he will kill her. On her doorstep, the detectives advised Tammy to urgently change her name and disappear. She complied. Nine years later, Steve tracked her down and the injuries he inflicted upon her were so severe, she was left profoundly Deaf and legally blind. Now living in a new country under a new name, this is her story.  

A domestic violence survivor, Rosie Malezer was born in 1971 in Queensland, Australia. She is a profoundly Deaf / legally blind Indigenous Australian author, writer, Copy-Editor, Proof-Reader, Translator and Professional Book Reviewer, and is a proud member of the Gubbi Gubbi tribe. Gubbi Gubbi Country is situated on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She studied AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) in her youth and used it in her employment with the Queensland government to translate conversations between Deaf customers and police. When Rosie lost her hearing completely in 2014, she studied ASL (American Sign Language) extensively under the guided tutelage of Dr Bill Vicars.

Rosie's father - a retired military police officer of the Royal Australian Navy - trained her in the usage and safety of various guns at a very young age. Although she enjoys target shooting, Rosie is strictly against the idea of hunting for fun; her belief being that unless you need to hunt an animal for food and clothing in order to survive, animals should be treated with respect and left to live in peace.

Rosie is now a housewife with a wonderful and supportive husband - a hearing man who learned ASL just so he could communicate with her. She dedicates all of her spare time promoting awareness of issues relating to domestic violence, the vilification of her own people in her home country, as well as standing up for Deaf rights. When not writing, she spends her time doing everything she can to remove the communication barriers between the Deaf and Hearing people of the world.


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1 reviews
  • Miriam Smith

    I was totally gripped with emotion throughout the whole of "Change Your Name and Disappear" a true life experience written by Australian author Rosie Malezer.
    'Change your name and disappear' is what domestic abuse victim Tammy is forced to do after living in a horrendous and violent relationship with her partner/fiancé Steve. This book tells the terrifying tale of Tammy's ordeal at the hands of a volatile and abusive man and how she found the physical and emotional strength to survive and find life and love away from him, even though now deaf and blind through his attacks.
    Without any help from the local Australian police, the strength and determination to rid herself of her life with Steve is just admirable, eventually discovering happiness as far away as Finland - I personally could never imagine being that strong and resilient.
    At times, my nerves were taught like violin strings - reading with anticipation at what may further come. The story is truly heartbreaking and to learn that it is from true life experiences of the author is just utterly incomprehensible.
    Although at times a difficult read, I highly recommend this compelling book - the power of survival so strong you can't help but feel admiration for Tammy/Rosie and wish her so much happiness in her new life.
    I can't award anything but 5 stars for this powerful book and its inspirational story and truly hope that it reaches out and gives the support and strength needed to anyone suffering in similar situations.

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