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By: Winston G Litchmore

Christian Experiences & Spiritual Growth

Pages: 162 Ratings: 5.0
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Christian Experiences & Spiritual Growth addresses the search for satisfaction with heart and soul happiness. God and being a Christian are seen as its sources. The book defines who is a Christian and how to become one. It dodges none of the trials and temptations in the Christian life but explains how that God as Father, Jesus as Saviour and the Holy Spirit as Guide, Teacher and Comforter, constantly help towards victory, growth, and maturity. Prayer, reading and obeying God’s Word have a pivotal role in the experiences of satisfaction and happiness and the truth that every Christian has a home in heaven is cheering.  

Readers will gain spiritual knowledge and be able to correct erroneous practice as they read through the book with the Bible alongside, paying attention to the scriptural references on subject areas, put suggestions into practice appropriately and grow spiritually. Reading the book over many sittings will be more profitable than attempting to rush through it. I have employed an explanatory strategy for ease of understanding. For example, I have explained the meaning of some words, phrases, and terms in the body of the book and set out comparative tables to illustrate narratives in the text. These can be used for quick references and reminders.

Winston G Litchmore was born again in 1966 and has been involved in preaching, teaching the Scriptures, pastoral counselling and church administration for over 45 years. He and his wife, Nurkle, were missionaries in Jamaica for 13 years. They are blessed with two sons, one daughter and a granddaughter.

Winston, a former primary school headteacher in the UK, retired as principal of Midland Bible Institute (MBI), Jamaica, where he served from February 2001 to May 2013. He holds a doctoral degree in ministry (DMin) and is an honorary doctor of Divinity.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Henry Mwenya

    I have carefully read the book, taking as much time as necessary and have found that the book is very relevant, concise, helpful and practical. The book has given insight on the aspects mentioned in the carefully selected title.
    The Author has gone to greater length to explain and define the commonly used terminology and has dismissed the common errors that lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation and misapplication of scriptures.
    The Bible references quoted help to amplify the fact that what the Author has written, although personally experienced, is not his personal opinion but the inspired word of God and hence can be relied upon in our day to day lives.
    The book inspires and challenges the reader to want to experience the satisfying and victorious Christian life as he puts into practice the correctly understood word of God. This results into a blessed and fruitful life as he works for the Lord in whatever form.
    The book is also useful for a teacher of the word of God and the preacher of the Gospel because of the carefully laid down topic by topic principles and Bible references. I would recommend the book to Christians at any level of spirituality.

  • Mark Bennett

    I found the book to be a really simple read (meant in the most positive of senses) and something that takes the reader on a journey through a range of practical subjects from conversion, and what it means to be a Christian, right through to fellowship and serving the Lord.

    It's clear from the book your passion for the subject matter and the importance of approaching such subjects with clarity and concision. I enjoyed the way in which you'd interwoven hymns and verse from different stages of your life and service for the Lord. I got a real sense that these were subjects to which you had a personal connection and I'm sure you've studied them intently over the years. I imagine both you and Nurkle speaking to so many different people both here and in Jamaica and helping them in their own spiritual development and progress as they encounter these foundational subjects for the first time.

    The other thing I noted was the wealth of scriptural references from both Old and New Testaments and I found the use of tables in the layout really helpful in comparing subjects such as the breaking of bread in an accessible way.

    In an age characterised by people reading less, and accessing information via technology and social media more and more, I thought the book was a good length and although there are over 100 pages it doesn't take too long to read cover to cover. The font size is very readable and therefore isn't daunting at the outset and the topics are approached in such a way that you can read them stand-alone or follow the chronological flow from subject to subject as the feeling takes you.

  • Vinnette Melbourne

    A very warm feeling came over me when I saw your book and I began to read it immediately. I am so proud of you and feel honoured to have you as my friend.

    You never fail to inspire me with your visions and your steadfastness in working towards your dreams. Your book is clear and easy to read. It asks me to continue to read and not put down. It also says go back and read that part again. It is so hard for me to be positive these days but your book gave me optimism and hope to accept and work with my daily challenges seeing them as blessings.

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