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By: Zubair Mulla


Pages: 88 Ratings: 5.0
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Maybe you were hit on the blind side of life, experiencing real discoveries, living off the sixes of a dice, trauma-gripped powering through, but holding on to something that just was not true.

Now there’s a dark light in you, it will walk the path of the master devil in situ, dark energy will pass through, with hell throwing spanner's in kind, simply to be rid of you.

Drafting a reality of your life with words, allergic to average, continuing to overthink the verbs, by practice of patience marking the tomorrows with your innovated verse.

How to battle a problem that has no rule? When did public entities become so cruel? This thought has spun so many views, but these days even Britain's finest don't have a clue, indecisive it remains, your patience must simply be insane.

Life is certainly not a problem to be solved, a toxic reality experienced will never go untold. Many vain attempts will be made to make you unfold, breaking into your reality, squeezed against the goodness of your halo soul.

Confessions by Zubair Mulla ponders over all this and more.

The author originates from Lancashire, England, holding an academic background in legal, private investigation and information technology.

The writing captures the journey of an individual confronting mental health, a survivor from a fine line of an end.  Learning to live again cautiously, muddling through a life that has brought about deep understanding of mental tolerance and patience.

A soul that is fed with curiosity and willingness to learn, to understand, endure and overcome. This tenacity is a fundamental part of his personality, what makes him unique in drive, determination and ultimately peace.

Forming a collection of words built up of experiences, lonely enduring challenges, the chaos in his mind and the outcomes.  Writing became his therapy to understand what made him rain, so he could shine, leaving an astute diary of his confessions.

Customer Reviews
44 reviews
44 reviews
  • Jake Lucas

    Well written, was captivated until the end. Certainly one of the best books I have read..

  • Craig Simpson

    I am really enjoying reading this collection, the words so make you connect to the strain the writer was under, without doubt decide, commit, act and repeat, a marvellous outcome.

  • Janie Crawford

    An absolutely exciting read, with playful use of words to draw meaning and visual layout. A bold collection of short stories describing loss, betrayal, difficulty, complications and survival brought to life in many different dimensions. Totally feel the grief...

  • Zack El benna

    The word perfect may be less than enough to describe this masterpiece. This book is a great read for all ages in particular those who need a push in certain stages of life, just as in my case.

    It is a hugely an inspiring book and very informative, full of ideas, tips and conclusions summarized from a life of endurance, that I so relate to as such will many others.

    This makes me excited about the next book. Keep hustling...

  • Irfy-Nator

    Not many words as the words are all in the with a lifetime experience!

  • MMall

    Well what can I say, I am truly lost for words. This read is so captivating and been so hard to put down at times and in some instances I could not hold my emotions. Its definitely hits you in many ways. Absolute masterpiece with the true life feeling sentences places together with such strong statements. Repeated some of the parts of the book again, just cannot explain why but can say this that I could not believe one could go through such a trial and be strong to keep on going through life. Very good with the wording but it really takes you to hard place, almost feel the pain, the happiness and heartfelt emotions . Well Done to the Author & really proud that you was able to create this read which must have been very tough to go through. Thank you & all the best with the book.

  • Emma Reeds

    A friend purchased this book and I was left reading it through my breaks at work. The writer has a real control over the use of his words and was practically able to resonate the feelings, anxiety and pain the writer was conveying. I am not much of a reader, and this book was only read as it was available to read. I have now purchased my own copy. A well written an awesome book of real life experiences my heart bleeds for the writer and I hope he is successful moving on with his life.. I wonder if there will be another book...

  • Grant Richard

    A deeply awesome read.

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