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Cooking Oil Makes Genius or Alzheimer!-bookcover

By: Tetsumori Yamashima

Cooking Oil Makes Genius or Alzheimer!

Pages: 192 Ratings: 5.0
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Every day, we go home from work, we have a sit down and we decide what to have for dinner. If you're looking to go healthy, you'll consider cutting down your portion sizes or limiting certain, less healthy ingredients. If you're not, you might opt for a nice, greasy takeaway.Whether you choose the healthy option or not, you might be upset to learn that no matter what, you may be significantly increasing your chances of developing dementia - all down to cooking oil.Dr Yamashima explains in Cooking Oil Makes Genius or Alzheimer! just how dangerous common cooking oils can be in an effort to decrease the rise in Alzheimer's disease. His ground-breaking research will make you think twice about how you cook your meals - and just might help you to keep your brain and mind as sharp and sound as possible.
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1 reviews
  • Corey Levy

    I discovered this book incidentally through linoleic acid researcher Tucker Goodrich. Having vetted Tucker's work for years, and looking to his edifice as a treasure trove, I quickly pursued purchasing a copy. Elation and pure joy could not entirely describe how gracious I am to have stumbled across this in-depth work of art. The author does an incredible job of outlining his research, highlighting the mechanisms of action by which hydroxynonenal (4HNE) serves as the main mechanistic agent behind dementia, and its use as a laboratory marker capable of diagnosing the early onset of dementia decades before the symptomatic disease process materializes. Sadly the public is so misinformed on the topic of vegetable oils. We were born eating up the cholesterol hypothesis which is pure political malarkey and is debunked if you've read Thomas Levy's books on Vitamin C and the localized arterial scurvy that is heart disease. We lovingly pour vegetable oils from porcelain saucers at the holiest of holidays as if their "cholesterol-lowering properties" are going to end the epidemic of heart disease. Sorry to disappoint but since the introduction of seed oils into the human diet around the civil war, heart disease rates have never seen high numbers. Our country is getting sicker and fatter by the day, and trusted sources such as Harvard Medical School are failing us by promoting industry-backed research that convinces good-natured people to dose themselves with the most powerfully causative agent in the development of dementia. In an age of medical corruption and unintentional malpractice, you have to take your health into your own hands, and by reading this book you'll find out why the consumption of evolutionarily consistent fats will dramatically reduce your susceptibility to dementia. Anyone with an interest in ageing gracefully should pick up a copy!

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