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Darkest Before Dawn -bookcover

By: Rachel Ellen Sankey

Darkest Before Dawn

Pages: 281 Ratings: 5.0
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Darkest Before Dawn is a gripping tale from the start and will have you turning pages at pace. Life in Australia changes following the creation of a virus with the chilling name of C.O.M - Control of the Mind. The virus fails and the outbreak plunges the world as we know it into a Zombie apocalypse. The new world is now divided into Districts and what was once Brisbane, capital of Queensland, is now known as District 15. President Gordon is in charge and runs the Districts with strict laws and a firm hand. Those who dare to go against him pay the ultimate price. Lindsay is disowned by her mother, witnesses the murder of her father, and loses her aunty to the virus. She is fortunate to meet the lovely Wendy, who has lost her son and husband in the outbreak and happily takes Lin in as a daughter to care for. Between them they look after Clover, who seems to be a key person in this drama. Clover has been bitten but has not turned...why has the virus not affected her? Could she be immune and hold the key to a cure? The Jackals, a group that claims to be the resistance against the system think she may be the person they can create a vaccine from, but Lin is cautious. Are they looking for a cure or is it something altogether more sinister?

Rachel Sankey is a young aspiring Australian author. She learned of her talent for storytelling, and her passion for writing novels at a young age. Rachel's stories are known by those around her to captivate and excite, and Darkest Before Dawn is no different. Those who dare to read will find a gripping tale that will leave you wanting more. Rachel's dream is to one day become a well-known and popular author. This is just the beginning and she invites you to share this with her.

Customer Reviews
9 reviews
9 reviews
  • Kel Okorie

    A very inventive well written story! Can't wait for the sequel. Keep it up Rachel.

  • Katrina Healey

    Awesome!!! Rachel is inevitable talented lady..thoroughly enjoyed the story...I hope.we get to find out more in the very near future..Jas has to be found!!!!

  • Bj

    An Excellent read, I'm not a reader, but i got hooked. I could imagine it all happening as i was reading.

  • Anna Stewart

    Had my attention from the first paragraph. My new obsession as it were. I could easily see this becoming a movie or television series as it is so compelling you do not want to put it down. Very well done Rachel, I do hope you plan to write another as I need to know what becomes of Lindsay and Jason!

  • Samantha Hodges

    Wow, just wow. I can not think of a better way to describe this book. A friend recommended it to me and I am so glad he did. It is breath taking, gripping and one for the life of me I could not put down. Rachel Sankey, you best be writing another, I need to know what becomes of Lindsay!!!! Five out of Five stars. If I could rate it higher I would!

  • Lauren I

    Loved it please tell me there is a sequel

  • Dan C

    5 out of 5 stars. Highly addictive, there better be another one is all I can say :) Absolutely love it

  • Kelly Okorie

    Having known Rachel for many years I was excited and so proud to hear that she had finally seen her dream to fruition and published her first novel. So as her good friend I was eager to get my hands on it. Finally in July I got my hands on a copy and my heart sank as I read the blurb. The genre was zombie apocalyptic war, not my thing. Now it's August and I finally picked it up and within 2 hour had read the first 20 chapters before I realised it! Not only has Rachel changed my mind about this genre of novel but since now finishing the book I am more than anticipating the next one. So I say to all those out there who like me do not really like the zombie craze, YOU WILL LOVE THIS!
    DARKEST BEFORE DAWN is gripping and has you addicted by the first pages!

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