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By: Ina Brink

Defeated by Justice

Pages: 306 Ratings: 4.9
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Defeated by Justice is a work of historically-accurate erotic fiction that is an assimilation of true events, probable hearsay and possible conjecture, as experienced by the writer.Set against the backdrop of South Africa in the early 1990s, with Apartheid in its final throws and society in turbulent transition from virtual dictatorship to democracy, Nicole Burger enters the South African Police Force, by necessity rather than design, to flee her own tempestuous and unsure personal circumstances.Intelligent, but naïve, she quickly has to learn to balance her morals with her need to survive, as she embarks on a self-discovering and often soul-searching journey in the employment of one of the last bastions of the Apartheid State.Adaptation becomes alteration and evolution becomes regression as she strains the boundaries of her sexuality and ethics in the sub-culture of this male dominated organisation. That is, until the system that she occasionally fails, eventually betrays and fails her, dramatically and completely.

Ina Brink was born on September 3, 1972 in Kimberley, South Africa.

She graduated from La Rochelle Girls High school 1990 and went on to study clothing design and production. She served for four years in the Police Force.

She has been married for 25 years and has three daughters. She also ran a small dressmaking business from home for nine years and has been actively writing for 14 years.

Her hobbies include painting and dressmaking.

Customer Reviews
10 reviews
10 reviews
  • Wanita Sparrow

    Upon completing Ina's book, a flood of emotions overcame me when I read her last page. Ina Brink skillfully wove poignant themes into every word, making the book a touching and powerful experience. I cried for my younger self and the resilience shared by many of us who have also been 'DEFEATED BY JUSTICE'. It was also the first book I have been able to read in over 4 years since the whole world has also experienced its own trauma, too many people affected & living in survival mode, suffering from damaged nervous systems at the hands of those in power. This book, with its erotic, sensual, and honest prose, convinced me that there are no coincidences in life. After trauma, we face two choices, to remain in the darkness or #becomethelight, to become "A #VICTIMORVICTOR."

  • Veruska Enslin

    I found this book a very interesting and exciting read. I liked the growth of the main character and the many truths about how women and girls are treated. Also very true is how many of the shocking acts happened in the earlier years in South Africa. A very enjoyable book to read.

  • Estelle

    The book exceeded my expectations. Knowing the author personally, it is with pride that I can say Ina Brink knows what she is doing. For the 1st book uts really impressive and the content is intriging once you start reading you have to finish the book as you need to know what happens next. 5 stars for my friend

  • Jackie

    I'm not an English reader. Was scared to read this book and not understand what I read. But, when I started I couldn't stop. I couldn't put the book down. Every day I made time to read. This is by far the best English book even compared to my Afrikaans books.. Excellent writing. Can't wait for a follow up.

  • FC

    Great read. Character evolution is amazing. Loads of suspense, frustration and elation. Sexy roller coaster ride! Must read

  • Wendy Beeselaar

    Sexy, frustrating, heartfelt and well written book. Great description of characters. I enjoyed this book to the end.
    I hope there is a continuation to this book.
    Stylish cover. Comfortable book to hold.
    Great read.

  • Sas

    Timeless, universally relatable, excellent!

    The novel features a strong main character that undergoes great character development as the story unfolds. I found the novel to be a very accurate representation of the time period it is set in. The novel also gives the reader an entirely new view of the police force in South Africa. I think it is a universally relatable novel for all people on their journey to find their authentic self, as the main character's journey pertains many lessons that many of us have been faced with. The more sensual scenes are portrayed in a tasteful manner, not vulgar at all.

    A must read in my opinion!

  • Dorothy Uys

    I love a good read! Well, one book I can definitely recommend is " DEFEATED BY JUSTICE" written by Ina Brink. Once you start reading you really don't want to stop. Everything else comes to a halt. It's excellently written to the very last page you are focused & cannot wait to turn the page. The author takes you on a journey beyond your imagination. It keeps you riveted all the way to the end. So go out and purchase your copy. You will not be disappointed.

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