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By: Rachael Dumonic

Do You Think it's a Good Idea?

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My life has been a complex journey, and you may wonder at what point I was driven as a middle-aged woman to pack my bags, travel halfway across the world to China to teach English, not even speaking the native language, and all this right at the beginning of a pandemic. You may be correct in thinking perhaps I was insane. However, I was also opportunistic, hopeful, and somehow lost, chasing a dream to fill my soul.

When my son, Callum, passed away in 2015 at the age of only 18, I was so destroyed that I could not see beyond my grief and inconceivable loss, and all of what life was and what I knew was shattered. I had no desire to wake each day. I withdrew for many years and focused on keeping my mind active and blocking out almost everything and everyone as a coping mechanism. I constantly worked, studied and gained numerous qualifications, facilitated volunteer programmes and established a foundation; all of this back-to-back in a short timeframe. I was consistently evolving, but I was exhausted, both mentally and emotionally; avoiding the grief took so much energy. With the loss of Callum and the path that I have been forced to walk upon, I discovered an innate desire and determination to travel to China and teach.

Callum led me to all my achievements, and I hope that he will be proud of all that I have established. On my return to Australia, I decided to write this book and share the experience of my journey, which for the most part, was a challenge but also a heart-warming experience at times and one that taught me so much about resilience and strength. Being a foreigner in an unfamiliar country really opened my eyes to the challenges immigrants face and just how difficult it is to adjust. I hope you will read my story with an open heart, and I encourage you to step beyond your limitations and find your dream.

Rachael Dumonic lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, Robert, and youngest son, Jay. Rachael is a qualified florist and transitioned to a teaching role as a trainer and assessor at Holmesglen Institute of Tafe in 2012. She has been teaching students across all demographics, skills and abilities and has a passion for teaching adolescents, specifically with special needs. The tragic and sudden passing of her son, Callum, on November 7, 2015, changed her world and the family unit forever. After many years of soul searching and trying to make sense of loss, she embarked on many hours of study to keep herself busy. In 2018, she completed her diploma in TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Initially, her qualification enabled her to recognise the typical learning styles and improve her teaching abilities within Australia and her current job role. She harboured a personal goal to live and work abroad to help support others learning the English language. Rachael has worked tirelessly over the years within the community, contributing to numerous volunteer programmes, one notably the Chinese Community at Crossway Church in Melbourne. This project encapsulated teaching new immigrants English. Rachael, in addition, facilitated volunteer floral workshops at mental health clinics for patients and shared her skills to support patients in a small way on their journey of recovery. In 2017, she established SMUK Foundation Limited in memory of her first-born son, Callum. SMUK Foundation is a charity established solely as a not-for-profit organisation, and the aim is to assist and support other not-for-profit charities by assisting with funds to be distributed to vulnerable youth over numerous genres as required. Some of these areas within the constitution are mental health factors, youth from low socioeconomic backgrounds, those up to the age of 25 at risk of homelessness and educational programmes to assist young people with skills to integrate and function within society. SMUK Foundation has been supporting programmes, such as The St Duke of Ed Award and, in 2020, a local educational programme for youth at St Kilda PCYC to collaborate and learn basic everyday skills to function normally within society for job prospects, but also general communication skills to connect generally in mainstream. Her achievements have been notable and rewarding, although clearly, much more could be achieved. Rachael has requested that all proceeds of her book be donated to the SMUK Foundation Limited in memory of Callum. All aspects of the publishing process have been fully funded personally, and she wishes to continue to support programmes close to her heart. Rachael embarked on this project as a form of therapy, but also her philosophy has always been I cannot change the world, but maybe we can turn some lives around for the better.

All proceeds from the book will be 100% donated to the foundation.

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1 reviews
  • Trish Bresolin

    Rachael Dumonic's Do You Think It’s A Good Idea? is a heart-warming and engaging story of the author's journey to fulfill a dream and reclaim her life again after the tragic passing of her beloved son, Callum. Unaware of the imminent pandemic and its global effects, Rachael packs her bags and moves to China to teach English. The obstacles begin from the moment she lands; however, it is with great strength and determination that Rachael attempts to overcome each one of them. Once you start reading, you will not be able to put this book down, as like me, you will desperately want to know what happens next. Therefore, allow enough time to read this delightful book in one sitting as I guarantee it will keep you enthralled from start to finish. I am in awe of Rachael’s resourcefulness, resilience, and courage to push herself beyond her limitations, and find her story so inspiring. Her stay may not have gone to plan, but Rachael’s adventure taught her so much about herself, particularly how resourceful and adaptive you can be when confronted with circumstances beyond your control. Do You Think It’s A Good Idea? encourages the reader to ‘dream big’ and ‘follow your heart’. All proceeds from this wonderful book go to the ‘SMUK’ foundation, which Rachael established in honor of Callum. He would be so incredibly proud of his remarkable mother and all she has achieved so far in her extraordinary life.

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