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Dragon Wing -bookcover

By: Rebecca K. Busch

Dragon Wing

Pages: 288 Ratings: 5.0
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The village wanted Sigrun’s life extinguished the moment she was born. She was an abomination. Unlike everyone else in her village who had beautiful feathered wings, Sigrun was born with the wings of a dragon. Saved by the love of her father, Sigrun remained in the village and grew up among them after all, but that was not the end of her struggle. One morning, Sigrun finds her father murdered and her brother missing. She sets out to find her brother and seek out her father’s killer, but instead, she meets a mysterious stranger that she is drawn to, despite her better judgement. He becomes very involved with her cause and convinces her that her father’s murder is only the beginning. War is coming. Soon she uncovers many secrets and learns that even those closest to her may be dangerous. Before the end, she finds that good and evil are almost never exclusive, love is almost always complicated and the truth is the most heartbreaking thing of all.

Rebecca K. Busch was raised in Northeastern Michigan. Later she moved to Boulder, Colorado, where she earned her degree in English Literature at the University of Colorado. She continues to be an avid reader and currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • Sir Roderick

    I think I have found a new favorite author!!!

    Any book that captures my attention from even before the beginning is bound to be an incredible reading experience. Rebecca Busch had me from the prologue and never let go until the end. Not only am I looking forward to future books by this wonderfully imaginative author, but I hope she also considers making Dragon Wing (and subsequent books) into Audible books. Rebecca's writing has that magical, rhythmic flow that would provide a captivating listening experience.

    Three cheers for Sigrun and Dragon Wing. I recommend this book to all readers and especially to those who enjoy vivid descriptions and intriguing characters.

  • Paul S

    I so thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! The story captured my attention while taking me on a wonderful inner journey of a magical life and its mystery. I look forward to a sequel!

  • Kindle Customer

    Amazing!! Great first book from a new author. Can't wait for the sequel. Sigrun is a wonderful if somewhat reluctant heroine.

  • Taylor R

    This is an amazing book about a girl named Sigrun. Sigrun lives in a world where everyone is born with wings. Everyone in her village has beautiful feathered wings, except for Sigrun. SIgrin was born with dragon wings. Her mother had died giving birth to her and her brother has never forgiven her. One day, she comes home to see her brother missing and her father murdered. Sigrun decides to leave her village to find her brother.

    She leaves and walks for what seems like forever. She finds herself in a desert. Then something attacks her from behind. She feels as if she is going to die from the Gila beast until the creature mysteriously dies its self. A man had killed it for its venom, and to save Sigrun. His name turns out to be Khalon. He helps her heal and feeds her his food.

    When Sigrun finally recovers she and Khalon are now friends. She wants Khalon to come with her back to her village. But it will be hard for the village to trust Khalon because he is from a tribe thats one true purpose is to destroy others. But, Khalon is a deserter, which means he left his tribe because of how the tribe did things. He finally agrees to come with Sigrun.

    They arrive at the village and people are either mad, curious, or scared of Khalon. They finally warm up to him until Sigrun is captured by Khalon's old tribe. She soon escapes with the help of Khalon's brother who stayed in the tribe. His brother decides to leave with Sigrun. But, during her 'stay' at the other tribe, she finds out that they are planning for war. And her brother is with the tribe and was the one who killed their father.

    When they get back to her village they prepare for war, and make alliances with the bee colony next to them.

    War finally comes, and with Khalons teaching skills, they are prepared. The other tribe comes and they fight.

    I won't tell you what happens next though, no spoiling! ;D

    This is an amazing book for people who like adventure and fiction stories, I really recommend it!

  • Jen V.

    A fantasy ride in your mind!

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