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Drogo: Romano-Briton-bookcover

By: Noel D Conway

Drogo: Romano-Briton

Pages: 232 Ratings: 4.0
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Britain in AD 43 is ripe for conquest. The Celtic tribes are divided, some of the most powerful have been bought off by Roman gold. Drogo as a young Catuvellauni warrior is keen to resist the invader. He soon learns, however, that the Romans are not like any enemy the Britons have met before. He realises that it will be impossible to defeat them militarily and decides to learn from them so that all that he holds dear can be saved. He obtains agreement from the Roman governor Paulinus that his own tribe will be spared. He must, in return, assist the Roman army to cross the land of the savage Western tribes in Cymbru to root out and destroy the feared and powerful Druids. Before he can deliver any of this, he is betrayed and denounced as a traitor. He is forced into the rebel British camp of Caratacus. He is confused about his future, but when the Celtic goddess Arianrhod reveals herself to him in a dream, she shows him his destiny. With the help of her high priestess and the mystic Arthfael, he sets about creating a Roman British Legion. His courage, leadership and integrity win over both many Celtic warriors as well as some powerful Roman leaders. He must continually strive to mediate between Britons and Romans. When he has almost reached his goal, the arrogant Roman governor Frontinas undermines what he has achieved thus far and nearly destroys his destiny.

Noel Conway spent over 30 years teaching and managing in further education. As he looked forward to retirement he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and given no more than 6 to 18 months to live. This proved false and he now devotes much of his time to writing poetry, short stories and historical novels. He is a leading campaigner to change the law relating to Assisted Dying in the UK. Until his early 60s, he was an active climber, cyclist, mountaineer and skier. Noel has a wife and three grown-up children who provide him with considerable support.

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1 reviews
  • Sarah Barker

    Conway's imagination plus his detailed knowledge casts light on a shadowy period in history when Britannia was occupied by Roman legions. The Romans were fiercely resisted by native tribes. Names nearly forgotten - Caratacus, Queen Cartimandua - are brought vividly to life. Their bloody battles against the disciplined strength of the legions are graphically described.
    Drogo is a British leader who looks to the future. Through patient negotiation he forms a Romano- British Legion from tribes who trust him. Their Celtic beliefs, the influence of the Druids, the desecration wrought by the Romans - all are given their weight, even to the dark forces of evil.
    Drogo marries a Celtic priestess. She serves the Goddess Arianrhod who guides Drogo through his dreams. The tenderness between Drogo and his wife contrasts well with the visceral battle scenes. We read to the last page to find how Drogo's vision is realised.

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