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By: Albert Simpson

Everything Is Living Energy

Pages: 138 Ratings: 5.0
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What is it to be alive?

Most definitions of life describe a virus as non-living, yet the coronavirus that caused so many world deaths was a structure that benefited from and replicated itself by taking control of and using the energy and structure of human cells.

Not all structures can replicate themselves but all structures have a desire for the energy of their surroundings. Their atomic particles always seek to create more efficient ways of getting such energy. It is why structures like us evolved.

The atomic particles that make for structures are alive. They are composed of energy, have roles to play and they communicate and interact via light-speed energy with other atomic particle energies in their environment.

Science struggles to explain gravity, calls it a force but knows it is not a force. It is the motion of energy-desiring particle structures toward energy-releasing structures; it is why we are drawn toward the earth and why the earth is drawn toward the sun.

The thing to understand is: everything is living energy.

Albert, now in his eighties, was born in, schooled in and currently lives in the Cathedral City of Durham, in his much loved North East of England.

He was trained by British Rail on a 5 year sandwich course as a mechanical and electrical engineer at a time when steam power was being replaced by other forms of traction. Practical training was mainly at the then Darlington Locomotive Works; technical training was at the Derby College of Technology.

His career started as a regional locomotive inspector, but most of it was spent with Freightliner as a hands-on engineering manager.

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1 reviews
  • David Chakrabarty

    In Everything is Energy, Albert Simpson cleverly writes in thought-provoking but easily understandable terms about the basic principles of Physics that we have come to accept but may need to challenge. It is written in a way that is deep in concept regarding the nature of atomic particles but easy to follow and understand. He discusses major scientific theories and asks you to question long-held beliefs and perceptions of reality, but leaving the reader to make up their own mind which is always the objective of an incredibly well-written science book which this certainly is. A fascinating book that when started, is tough to put down especially when you get to the chapter on gravity. This book makes intense scientific theories more accessible, readable and challenging.

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