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Follow My Leader -bookcover

By: John Hughes

Follow My Leader

Pages: 416 Ratings: 5.0
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FOLLOW MY LEADER HIM?Alive and well and living in Reigate in 1951?Surely not . . .Rowena Furse and Erika von Tirpitz are unlikelyfriends. Rowena loves gardening and opera -Erika loves gin and men. Despite their differinglifestyles, they have something in common -Mr Morell, an elderly German refugee theyhave taken under their wing.One afternoon, led astray by Erika, the usuallyteetotal Mr Morell drinks some gin and, whilstunder the influence, makes an astonishing confession.The revelation sparks a chain of bizarre events -mistaken identity, mayhem at Reigate carnival, andeven murder. The trail stretches from leafy Surrey tothe Canary Islands and back.Is Morell's claim genuine, or is he, in Erika's words, just'plain bonkers'?Ben Grimshaw, cub reporter on the Surrey Mirror, triesto fathom it all out. But it takes his Fleet Streetjournalist brother, Storm, to unravel the truth.Ultimately, all roads lead to the old fort on top ofReigate Hill.

John Hughes was born in Sutton Coldfield, in the English Midlands, studied music at Royal Holloway College and has lived in Surrey for most of his adult life. He has earned a living in a variety of ways - selling pianos in Harrods, playing keyboards in a tribute band, editing a magazine, recruiting IT professionals and, most recently, managing in the NHS. He has written half a dozen non-fiction books but Spitfire Spies is his first published novel.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Sue Wharrad

    Full of intriguing twists and turns. Made me laugh out loud and couldn't wait to get to the end to find out if it really was him!

  • John Hughes

    Not my review - I'm the author! However I would like to share the views of others - all gave five stars and not one of them is a relative, nor did any money change hands!

    "A mystery man takes residence in 1951 Reigate. Where does he come from? Is he really just an elderly German refugee or someone not quite so harmless? This racy tale keeps the reader suspended right to the end. Follow My Leader is an enjoyable romp through Reigate's history and is packed with memorable characters. John Hughes gives us political intrigue, mystery, murder, sex and suspense in equal measures throughout - a true page-turner!"

    "I really enjoyed this story. It started off abit mumsy with Rowena gardening but oh my goodness how it developed was brilliant. It takes place just 6 years after the end of WW2 and the story is built on a framework of real events. I learnt alot about the Nazis and without giving too much away, the ending was excellent.
    There was everything in this book and I would highly recommend it."

    "I rarely give a book 5 stars and knowing the author, decided to give this an entirely unbiased and probably intentionally robust review. What can I say - get this book, take a day to snuggle down with it and enjoy! It’s a fabulous piece of fun, a brilliant piece of entertainment peppered with historically accurate research and for those Reigatians a hugely enjoyable foray into the post war Reigate and a delicious and naughty insight into an alternative and humorous post war story. Please, please make this into a 6 part mini series for TV - I’ve already cast the leading roles - and give us all a treat and an escape from the frightful reality TV to which we’re all inflicted. This is a delightful, witty escape and a reason to take a “sicky” and indulge in a duvet day of escape, fantasy and delight. The author is an extremely talented individual who has found his vocation - next one please."

    "In this entertaining book, the author creates a splendid sense of place, Reigate, and period, the early 1950s. It is based on an imaginative premise (no spoiler though!) and was great fun to read, including some laugh out loud moments. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

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