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By: Fabrizio Salvinelli

Free Bees

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Commanded by a Killer Wasp dictator, the wasps are deporting and exterminating the bees, whom they hate for their dedication to accumulating pollen, wax, and honey treasure. Many a bee disappears. Seven little orphans, including a blind bee, decide to form a resistance movement. Each of them takes on a nom de guerre that reflects their character. Led by Polly, the Group call themselves the ‘Freebs’.

A story of violence unfolds in Wasp City while in Jamasiah, the capital of the bee kingdom where the Queen speaks like Churchill, it is a story of resistance and goodness.

Eight young friends at the wasps’ military academy choose a secret name for themselves (the Winnies) and quietly organize to resist their regime. One of them, Greta, sneaks out in the mornings to polish up her flying skills.

Meanwhile, the Freebs train to improve their formation flying. We watch as they perfect their aerobatic flight techniques, race train, and learn judo concentration techniques.

The tale unfolds in a constant series of reversals as the bees fight their historical enemies and seek new allies.

Along the way, we encounter a wasp who talks like Gandi, see a lead character martyred, meet a traitor, hear music that instils courage within the concentration camps, witness the invention of the ‘red alert’ that the bee families adopt, as well as enjoying hilarious scenes with the Freebs, who hidden in a crowd spray ketchup in the face of a Killer Wasp, then tie him up and stuff his mouth with chips.

We hear messages of peace and brotherhood from the Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu faiths filtering through the action sequences, and above all, faith in the dream of changing the world for the better which unites the Freebs and Greta, culminating in a grand finale flight race between the wasp empire academies, in which females are not allowed to take part, only Greta never got the memo…

Following the birth of his nephew, a renowned oto-neurosurgeon decided to write a book for young people and the young-at-heart of all ages. After writing Otoneurosurgery and Lateral Skull Base Surgery, published worldwide, he now publishes Free Bees, dedicated to those who dream of changing the world and do so with perseverance and faith in their dream.

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