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By: Mike Dramytinos


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Embark on an enchanting journey to Ikaria in 2002, the renowned island of longevity, where fisherman Thimios and his resilient wife, Marika, unexpectedly give birth to identical triplets: Icaros, Dedalos, and Poseidon. As the triplets grow into handsome and strong individuals with vast experiences in love, they find themselves entangled in a unique tale of romance, cultural diversity, and extraterrestrial encounters. Marrying three awesome sisters of different religion, the triplets become the focus of their father-in-law’s concern, believing his daughters have been abducted. Wandering through twists of fate, the triplets, armed with mnemonic skills from their casino earnings, end up on an Argentinian ranch. There, they encounter extraterrestrial beings with extraordinary capabilities who guide them in escaping contracted killers and reveal the location of a coveted golden vein.

However, their pursuit of the golden vein intersects with a dark plot involving exiled German ex-Nazi generals in Argentina preparing for a Third World War. The triplets, joined by their extraterrestrial allies, embark on a thrilling adventure to eliminate this new global threat. The journey unfolds across the Amazon, where tribal communities celebrate them as heroes. The saga reaches a climax on a new planet inhabited solely by ageless, sexually deprived, and stunning women.

Unraveling the mystery of these women’s elixir of life, the triplets discover a dinosaur paradise, confronting both danger and desire. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of excitement, as this riveting adventure transcends worlds and explores the limits of love, courage, and discovery.

Mike Dramytinos is a man of relentless ambition and ceaseless adventure, a true embodiment of daring spirit. Whether it’s conquering the business world, the thrill of love, a fierce game of tennis, the rush of swimming, or the exhilaration of hiking, Mike seizes every moment with unwavering enthusiasm. He lives by his father’s wisdom: ‘Be a refuse collector, but be THE Number One, the best,’ and that ethos has guided his extraordinary life.

In his diverse and vast business pursuits, he’s consistently achieved the top spot. But Mike’s appreciation extends beyond the boardroom; he holds a deep respect and admiration for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, recognising the profound beauty in diversity. A true gentleman and bon viveur, he understands that life without the company of these extraordinary individuals is mundane. In Areus, Mike Dramytinos’ literary debut, his unyielding spirit shines through, daring readers to embrace life’s adventures.

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