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By: Barbara Pyett


Pages: 28 Ratings: 5.0
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Hats introduces children to the idea of different careers by observing different head-gear.

Playing the game is a follow-up suggestion to extend vocabulary and encourage thoughtful conversation.

  • Each person takes a turn to name a different hat.
  • Repetition isn’t allowed.
  • The game continues until you run out of names.

Hints for ideas: 

Careers, sport, religions, fancy dress, superheroes, history and different cultures.

Barbara Pyett was born in Tasmania in 1946. Her first book, Lily’s Wish, reflected her own sadness of missing her family at Christmas, as she had her first two children in Europe. She returned to Tasmania in 1975 and had her third child. She became a special education/art teacher in Canberra in the 1980s. In 2000, she married her childhood friend, artist Christopher Pyett, who is her constant inspiration. They share nine grandchildren. Barbara’s writing includes her autobiography, poetry, short stories and children’s stories.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Janice Lawrence

    Barbara’s Children’s book, Hats, portrays, with engaging illustrations, options for children to choose from when asked the question, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ The fun aspect for kids in this rhyming story is the focus on hats. Kids love to wear hats when they dress up and this story will inspire their imaginations and conversations about the variety of roles people play in society.

  • Jan Street

    “Hats” by Barbara Pyett is a delightful rhyming story about what children might be when they grow up. Barbara uses a variety of hats to describe career possibilities, through the eyes of children. The fun aspect for kids in this rhyming story is the focus on hats.

    “Hats” is beautifully illustrated and coloured, with each cartoon character wearing a hat specific to a job and the accompanying verses describe each role. Each engaging verse is written to inspire children’s imaginations about the roles they might take as adults. At the end of the book is a ‘Hats Game” to reinforce the “when you grow up theme”.

  • Janet McLean

    ‘Barbara Pyett’s story, Hats, is a delightful book, with a jaunty rhyming text and clear, bold illustrations. The book starts with a question - When I grow up, what shall I be? Several children imagine who they will be, and what kind of hat that they will wear. When I grow up, I’ll be a builder and work with my best friend, Matilda. Will they be a baker, a beekeeper, a gardener - a vet…?
    The lively text invites shared reading.
    Read one line then stop before the end of the next line and ask the children to fill in the missing word. e.g. Gardening is a job for me, planting flowers for all to … (see).
    At the end of the book list of ‘hat’ words (with illustrations), and a ‘Hats Game’ is included – Lots of opportunities for conversation and shared learning about what and who you can be? When do you grow up?

  • Leone Gabrielle

    After reading Hats, I felt a little lighter. Barbara Pyett’s rhyming poetic style fills us with a warm sense of fun. With words rolling off our tongue, especially easy to reread, again and again … We also enjoyed the theme of choice, regarding ‘when I grow up'. Choices begin with the ability to express one's wishes. Hats, I believe, will help foster vocabulary and future opportunities. A fun delightful easy read to share with little people.

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