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Hell Again-bookcover

By: Mihret Adal Gidi

Hell Again

Pages: 282 Ratings: 5.0
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Darkness never shows its true colour until it's too late; it's all about the glittering and beautiful attractions. It's filled with many things and choices that are quite deceiving. It never appears in it's true colour, atleast at first. It wastes our time until it is too late; it takes us round and round till we sink deeper.

Mihret Adal Gidi is a young novelist emerging from East Africa, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is known for being a strong fighter and someone who doesn’t give up. She has always dreamt of being an author, and she was praised because of her potential by her teachers while in high school. She finally mustered up her courage to complete Bleeding Hearts of a Butterfly for publication during her study at Kotobe University College.

She’s currently working on the sequel of this book and a new horror story among many others.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Melete Alemu


    Every book have something, something that keep you to go on and on and on...
    This is a book I love so much for many reasons. The writing style is beautiful, the material... well that's something even more. It takes you to places of new world. New beginnings to another beginning.
    It's beautiful and scary in some ways. The placid sense of the story telling comes to you after you close the book, in the end. It makes me think about how United it is though it seems like it's all asunder. It's all not what it seems, it all have a connection and in a weird way, I see it after I complete my reading.
    It's insanely balanced, beautifully ugly, bravely scary and blindly clearsighted.
    I totally connected with the major character; blinded to the truth before her, socked in denial, shaky to her own opinions, person of action, a need to prove her worthiness... so human. Adha is most womans and most womans are Adha; strong, but sometimes unaware of her own strength. Her mother, Menbere, is most... perhaps almost all, mothers and mothers are Menbere; selflessly loving and lost without their children for their world and life starts and ends in their children. Her father Bamlakfekad is like most father's and fathers are Bamlakfekad; loving father who would show it in his own prideful manners or order.
    This is a story of a lot of many social life. Different personalities, religious acts, but all to a point and great destiny, belittling many differences we, humans created amongst each other.
    For me, Hell_Again is about the greatest war that's desgised among us in so many names and faces; hate. Its about the greatest weapon to defeat it with; love. It's about the ability to see beyond what's hindering our clear vision.
    Hell Again ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    I love it I enjoyed reading it, recommending it to every bookworms out there. Stay blessed. ✌

  • Ronald

    It was a crazy awesome reading, I enjoyed it. The major character is simply a human and I would say with a typical character. The end, though. The end is something to talk about. The story starts at the end I would say it have the potential to be serious. I usually hun for stores like this; crazy and twisted, but the writing makes it clear and the plot building up with each chapter makes it even more interesting. It is beautiful and to the point, it feels like watching a movie.

    It's funny to have a friend who claims to have experienced some sort of ... thing. I am for sure thinking digging deeper than the usual that, I find it interesting that the languages used in this book are real as some of the experiences the major character passed through. Reading the book gives me De Ja Vu.
    Thanks to the Author.

  • Tigist Amare

    Beautiful storytelling, descriptive and captivating. The main character is relatable and simply human. Great build-up and unraveling and a wonderful lesson in loves victorious triumph over hate. Fantastic read!

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