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How to Curb Climate Change?-bookcover

By: Tomasz Szczęsny

How to Curb Climate Change?

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In the eye-opening exploration, How to Curb Climate Change?, readers embark on a remarkable voyage through time to uncover the astonishing transformation of the Sahara and the Middle East, evolving from fertile landscapes into unforgiving deserts within a mere seven centuries.

This captivating book takes readers on an enlightening journey, revealing the pivotal role played by Neolithic societies in shaping the global climate. With the emergence of large-scale agriculture and animal husbandry, ancient civilizations flourished, seemingly unaware of the ecological consequences of their actions. As suspicions arise regarding the rapid desertification, this thought-provoking narrative investigates the interplay between exponential population growth, abusive land use, and the alarming shift towards aridity.

The initial chapters transport readers to the heart of the Neolithic era, where they bear witness to the profound influence these early inhabitants wielded over the world’s climate systems. By skilfully manipulating vegetation, they triggered permanent changes in the intensity and trajectory of prevailing moist winds, ultimately fuelling the expansion of deserts in the Northern Hemisphere.

Building upon this revelatory premise, the subsequent sections of the book unveil a compelling proposal grounded in a deep understanding of Earth’s climatic mechanisms. As the spectre of global warming looms ominously, the author outlines a visionary approach to harness the power of these ongoing climate changes for the betterment of our planet. This revolutionary method revolves around directing and redirecting the flow of humid winds, ingeniously channelling them deep into the heartlands of continents. The result? A remarkable renaissance, where the deserts of the Northern Hemisphere are revitalized and transformed into lush, green landscapes once more.

Challenging conventional wisdom, How to Curb Climate Change provides a wide-ranging revaluation of our relationship with the environment and acknowledging the profound impact we have on Earth’s delicate equilibrium. This remarkable book serves as an urgent call to action, reminding us of the transformative potential humanity possesses in curbing climate change and forging a sustainable future. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and equipped with the knowledge needed to embark on this critical journey towards global environmental restoration.

Tomasz Szczęsny, MD, PhD, is a physician, a thoracic surgeon. His job is to observe, listen, read and draw conclusions in order to make a diagnosis and choose the best treatment. To save the life, extend the life or improve the quality of life of as many people as possible. This thought was a leading force for him while writing this book.

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