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Humanity's Deception-bookcover

By: Niaby Codd

Humanity's Deception

Pages: 130 Ratings: 5.0
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Humanity’s Deception is a poetry book like no other. Channelled from Source, this book seeks to take the reader on a journey into truth. Both the truth of self and the truth of the society that has created the self that we have become. In a bid to help to release people from the chains that we are shackled to, each poem takes the reader into a deeper understanding and awareness of how we have become disconnected from the true reality of who we are and who we came here to be.My personal mission is to play my part in helping to set as many people free from a system that seeks to control and enslave us as is possible for me to do so. This poetry book is an expression of that mission and a step in the right direction to help people to start to see through the open eyes of consciousness.Whilst this anthology of poems has been carefully collated in an order that takes the reader on that journey into truth, it can also be used as an oracle, opening the book up at a random page and receiving the wisdom of the poem that may be just what you needed to hear on that day.This is a book that should be read many times. The more you go on your journey into truth and the more you discover about who you are and the world in which we live, the more you will discover the hidden depths of the messages within the poetry.Allow this book to be your guide, for the journey into self is the greatest journey that you shall ever take.

Niaby is a dream weaver of the highest order, an honour given to her through the Merlin lineage that she serves. This means that she can enter a person’s subconscious, through the dream state, in order to help them to heal from any trauma that is stored in the deepest, darkest recesses of their mind.

Once a stockbroker in both London and Hong Kong, Niaby saw the light at the darkest hour of poor health and decided to walk a different path. A path that has led her to be of service to both spirit and humanity alike.

Both a natural thought leader and a leader by example, Niaby helps to guide the way through the ascension process. She has recently been ordained with the title of Transcended Master and uses her divine authority, wisdom and knowledge to help activate others into and through their own ascension process.

Through her abilities as a writer, a healer, an evidential spiritual medium, a dream weaver and an intuitive life guidance coach and mentor, she hopes to inspire people to find the power to heal themselves so, in turn, they too can inspire others to do the same.

Niaby hopes to gently inspire consciousness in others, not by telling them how to think, but rather by provoking thoughts in people that may not have been previously provoked, then allowing the seed of consciousness to grow.

She is the author of The Spirit of Life and is also the host of The Spirit of Life in Ibiza podcast.

The Spirit of Life book was channelled back in 2015 for this very time in history. Much like Humanity’s Deception, it seeks to take the reader on a journey into truth.

You can find out more about Niaby at

[email protected], where you can also sign up to her newsletter and be one of the first to hear about future books and promotions.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Karen Hughes

    A really stunning piece of work. The poetry is simple but affective in conveying its message. That is, that humanity needs to start waking up to the lies that we’ve been told. I love that in the opening poems, the author shares her own difficulties around awakening so that you’re left feeling that we’re all on this journey together and that the changes that she talks about are possible. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone that feels that something’s just not right, not only in their own life but in the world around them too.

  • Penny Snowball

    Humanity’s Deception has moved me on such a deep level. The simplicity, yet profanity of Niaby’s words really hit my soul. I resonate with her journey and am so grateful she’s shared her experiences with us. It’s a stunning work, and congratulations Niaby on being so brave. Thank you.

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