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By: Robert Woods


Pages: 236 Ratings: 5.0
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Those that are dead are the lucky ones. Most of the Earth’s population has been wiped out. Those that were spared are doomed to go on living in an empty world full of memories and ghosts. Mark is one of those few, surviving in the forest on the edge of his hometown in crippling isolation. His existence is purposeless. He scavenges for what he can whilst doing everything to avoid the Hunters, deadly creatures that stalk through the ruins in search of prey. Then one day, Mark finds something on one of his journeys. Something he never imagined he could find. A child – completely helpless and destined to be the world’s next victim. Mark knows what he must do. He takes the child and raises him as his own. But in a world fraught with danger and with no hope of a future, he soon finds himself tortured by his decision. And it won’t be long before they face a new threat – one far more dangerous than Hunters – that will push that decision to its breaking point.

Robert Woods was born in the UK in 1996. He studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Southampton for four years, a course which was partly taken due to his deep-rooted interest in science fiction, and has been a season ticket holder at Reading Football Club for the majority of his life. Throughout his childhood, Robert has harboured a passion for books and for writing fiction. This passion eventually amalgamated itself in the form of Hunted, which he wrote as his first novel during his third year at university.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Susan Krich

    This is a wonderful book. I didn't want to put it down.
    I wish I was able to give it more stars.
    From the very first page, I knew I would enjoy it.
    The writing is so clear it is like watching a movie in your mind. Between pages 186-189 I could almost see the knife flying as I held my breath waiting for it to hit its mark even though I knew where it was going.
    There is something for most readers to enjoy. It is action packed,has romance, a psychic's help,and even the horror of the part with the kookaburras.
    There are many twists, turns and surprise in just about every chapter especially the last one.

  • BWL

    Robert has written a book that is both captivating and enthralling, very hard to put down. His use of language has you gripped from the first page as you get sucked into every twist and turn in this story that although you know is fantasy, is told in a way that makes you feel it could be real. It takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions; showing both the best and worst of humanity. It is a real page turner and a very enjoyable read. Hard to believe this is his first book, hopefully there will be more !

  • S Kempson

    Such a brilliant read. Could not put the book down once I get started. The story is so gripping and really plays with your emotions. Loved the writing style and the way the Author let's you get to know the characters.

  • C Spiller

    This inaugural effort by Woods is an impressive first novel which would appeal to audiences ranging from young adult upwards.

    The post-apocalyptic world created in the book feels immersive and free of cliche while the characters feel genuine, with the highlight being the primary antagonist who is nothing short of terrifying. The plot moves along at a punchy pace, with any undue bloating of the narrative being smartly avoided. As a result, the book feels like a snapshot into a desolate world where relationships between family defy the hopelessness of a post-apocalyptic world.

    I fully recommend the book as a real page-turner.

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