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I Am: Hunter 57 -bookcover

By: K.E. Stringer

I Am: Hunter 57

Pages: 109 Ratings: 5.0
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Don’t ask questions. Get the job done.Hunters are a group of elite immortals, a world apart from the rest of Amphilias. As soon as they show any signs of the Hunter, they are torn from their families and raised to be merciless, independent, fearless assassins. They don't care, feel or love. Their hearts are covered by a hard layer of blackness, hiding the true feelings trapped inside, tight under lock and key. Their job, as they were brought up to believe, was to rid the world of the super-naturals that were the evil in the world. Hunters don't ask questions, they are loyal to the Council, and they don't fall in love. Any Hunters who fall in love are labelled as traitors. And traitors, of any kind, don't bode well with the Council.17-year-old Hunter 57 was brought up around this world. A blind follower, she fully believed in the way that her superiors, the Council and the Organisation, lived. She willingly killed the super-naturals that were causing unrest, and anyone else, because of what the Council had told her. But when she is assigned a job that reveals someone from the past, everything she knows will begin to unravel, and she begins to do what no Hunter is allowed to do: question the way she lives. Is killing super-naturals really ridding the world of evil? Who is King Zelrox really, and why does he want her and her job assignment, Tomas, dead? And will Hunter 57 find that piece that she's been missing since she was a child?But as Hunter 57 is drawn further into a thousand-year-old war yet unresolved, she will find that she plays a bigger part than she ever thought she would in the future of Amphilias.

Kelly is an aspiring young writer who began life in rural New Zealand. Kelly's writing interest began at a young age through her love of books, any type of book. Her hunger for reading material was hard to satisfy, which led to an interest in writing books she felt would satisfy young adults in her age group.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Elicia

    Love this book, was very much worth the read.

  • Lilith

    Really enjoyed this book, very unusual & intriguing that the author managed to create an entire world in a relatively short book; I'm very keen to read the next & hope she does well with this.

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