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By: LeeAnn Roberts

Immortal Magic book one

Pages: 226 Ratings: 5.0
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Death cannot kill what is not measured by time....

When ANGEL dropped her bag in the University parking lot, she had no idea her life was about to change. Her whole life was about her Wiccan duties and following rules. Then she met the mysterious MICHAEL. They were instantly drawn to each other; strangely so.

However, MICHEAL has a deadly secret, he is a one-thousand-year-old vampire.

The stars aligned and their pairing is beyond destiny, beyond time and space.

He tries to stay away from her and finds it impossible, she has captured his imagination along with his heart and he goes after her regardless of the consequences.

They fall deeply in love. Their love for each other is all-consuming, and the passion and emotion between them cross all boundaries as they attempt to deal with the enormous waves of feelings for each other and solve the many problems from everywhere that arise as they go along.

Many creatures and people would love to see them caught, but too scared to do it themselves, as if MICHEAL doesn’t kill them, ANGEL will.

LeeAnn Roberts lives in Glasgow Scotland UK where she was born.

She did not always live there though; she spent many years as a dancer and model in Spain.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Daniel Dischino

    Amazing page turner book. It is hard to find true page turners but this book really has you excited to see what is next. Very interesting, yet familiar characters. The vampire genre is not over. This book, book one of what looks like a trilogy, really has a fresh new outlook. The focus on the two main characters is highly additive and brings to light such likeable characters. The action is movie quality. For those who like to read, this is a fun engaging adventure. Very hard to give a review without giving away plot points as there is so much to talk about. Can't wait for part II.

  • Mags

    This is a supernatural book with lots of action but the heart of the book is a beautiful love story between Angel and Michael. I loved how they express themselves to each other as they get in deeper and it was them versus the world. I loved how they dealt with their issues. The fact that she is really powerful means I had a heroine I wanted to read as she wasn't some helpless female needing him to rescue her all the time. it was great when he did but she also saved him. I'm very excited for book two to find out how this part of the story is going to play out as the end had me with a little tear in my eye. One of my favourite scenes was when she finds out he is a vampire, it was so romantic and I just wanted to be Angel. All in all a very enjoyable read and two powerful lead characters that leave you wanting to know more about them and their story.

  • Ma99

    This book was great, I loved the relationship between Angel and Michael and I loved him. This book has great vampires and the wiccan powers of Angel are awesome. Very easy to read and I cant wait for book two to see how the characters develop and what other supernatural characters will appear.

  • This old Raven

    “Can you imagine falling for a vampire?”

    What would you do for love?

    This book was so easy and compelling to read that I flew right threw its enticing, steamy tale! It writhes with lust and love in the perfect blend, grabs you by the throat - and sometimes draws blood!

    This is the story of the Scottish witch, Angelica Phoenix, who we will know closely as Angel.

    Angel comes from a family of revered and ancient witches as the key, the core of a magical prophecy. Will she find out the depths of her own magic? And why then she is a valuable being of great power and even a threat to the forces of darkness?
    if she would understand her true power, who may she become?
    In Immortal Magic we go on that journey of finding out! On her path, learning to hone her innate magical skills, Angel seeks to understand her own lineage and the meaning of her past and present, she seeks to activate her inherited blood line magic and become her best and true self.
    Fates, destiny guide her to be in the right place at the right time - Is this Immortal Magic? Are stars aligned for ones who are meant to meet?
    Angelica, our witch will decide to take the power within and shape it to her own will. She will be one to fight for what matters, or we hope? Will she pass the tests life and her own heart, that the darkness afford her?
    She will meet one who will change her forever, we find out for good or bad?
    Michael, devastating in power and beauty, what risks has a love like this.
    This action packed, racy-paced romance, this dark magical tale of battling against shadowy forces will keep you page-turning.
    This is a love story with a blood-buzz, with a magic defying time, in the captivating and courageous voice of Angelica.
    The author, LeeAnn has bravely given us a characters with her flaws and bravery, with struggles, and through them, in battles and love, we may celebrate our own.
    This story grounds us in the world yet lifts us from it, whispers of the danger hidden in blood and shadow.

    This is for you who want a dark romance cut with light, a seduction and a thrill. The blood rush of the forbidden runs through the tale like a crimson thread.
    You will find characters who can call on their own hearts, magic and weapons, on spells of power, ancient and new, and with them battle the dark, while also at times revelling in it.

    I am excited for Immortal Magic itself but also for book II in this trilogy where all the best of dark and light meet!

    Read on, witches and vampires, all you magicians, and enjoy the down to earth writing, honest dare and romancing of Roberts. I await the next instalment and wonder now, where are Angel and Michael!

    This is just what I'd want from a fantasy book as this, and in the best way, LeeAnn leaves us readers wanting!

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