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By: Ella Jenkins


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It’s a scary word sometimes, isn’t it? Daunting, crazy even. Sometimes if you look at something, you’ll dismiss it as ‘that’s impossible’, just because it seems too daunting, too crazy.

But is it?

Inside this book is the message of how impossibilities might be conquered if only you look at how you can approach them, how you can push yourself to facing fears, and realising that maybe everything you thought impossible may not actually turn out as thought. You’ll never really know until you try, and the only way you can do that is if you take the risk to do the impossible. Challenge yourself to take the message to heart, complete the impossible, and then, take a look at yourself in a week, a month from reading and then ask,

“Do you say ‘that’s impossible!’ anymore?”

Ella Jenkins is a young author. Her first book, Impossible was inspired by lessons taught at her primary school called Resilience, which aims to give children the tools they need to cope with what life can throw at them.

When she’s not writing she is also an aspiring artist and fencer and also runs. She loves hiking, laughing with friends and reading. 

Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • Ms R O'Riordan, Teacher of German, Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

    In a world that seems fraught with difficulty, Impossible is a welcome reminder that nothing is, in fact, impossible. Thoughtfully written with a powerful positive message, readers are encouraged to believe in themselves, using much-needed tools and support to develop their own resilience and self-reflection skills. For anyone, young or old, in need of a boost and support for their mental health, this is the perfect start!

  • Mr H W Robson, Senior Teacher of English, Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

    Ella Jenkins has written and illustrated a beautiful narrative that page by page unfolds a celebration of the unique and precious phenomenon of being alive in the world, and realizing 'your virtues, goals, and who you are.' Scientists remind us frequently that the odds against existing at all are enormous, and Ella's book invites young readers for this reason to cherish life for all its difficulties and fears and to be grateful for the seeming impossibility of being here. She writes to reassure and to console, and as the reader moves through the book, the clouds of doubt and despondency lift, revealing glorious sunshine. This final image powerfully conveys the importance of hope and positive thinking during difficult times. In the end, Ella includes a practical section for readers to reflect on their own actions - perhaps overcoming odds or surmounting personal problems. From start to finish, the tone of the book is unfailingly encouraging and sympathetic.

  • Mr J Lofthouse, Literacy coordinator, Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

    In an increasingly complex and fragmented world, resilience is one of the most important qualities with which to equip young people. The ability to adapt to the many challenges, small and large, they are going to face on a daily basis is a vital life skill. In this beautifully illustrated book, Ella Jenkins challenges the reader to embrace the power of the possible through self-belief and a positive outlook; she encourages them to re-evaluate things that may at first seem impossible and find the possibility in them. To facilitate this, Ella includes a section for readers to record their own personal triumphs over a 1 month period, providing a lasting record of their growing resilience. Every child should read and use this much-needed book

  • Ms S Rayner, Teacher of English and Drama at Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School

    A beautifully illustrated book that guides young children through that feeling of impossibility and helps craft their mindset to help them believe that they are already achieving the "impossible". A feeling for some that are rare. Jenkins herself emulates possibility with the publication of this beautiful book

  • Dr. Jo Adams, Clinical Psychologist

    The world can be a demanding, stressful, and overwhelming place for young people. It can be demanding, stressful, and overwhelming for adults too! This thoughtful and beautifully illustrated book encourages us to question our limits and the barriers that we might experience in our lives. It inspires hope and possibility, no matter how big or small.

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