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By: Lyudmyla Finch

In Bed with a Russian President

Pages: 142 Ratings: 5.0
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The murders of the politicians have shaken Russia. During the investigation, the trace led to Britain where the crimes have been worked out and executed. The next victim is the Russian president. The joint work of the police of both countries, the unique qualities, bravery and wisdom of the Russian president, the magic which will help everybody to protect themselves and to become happy and to love, stopped the crime.

Lyudmyla Finch was born in the USSR, Kiev, now capital of the Ukraine. She is a teacher and interpreter. She started to write fairy tales from the childhood. Later, she used it for the teaching of foreign languages. In 2001, Lyudmyla moved to Britain where she started to write crime dramas, using the experience of living in the USSR and the UK. Another hobby of the author is fortune-telling, and for this reason, there is always the element of magic in the books.


Customer Reviews
32 reviews
32 reviews
  • Chris

    An external powerful story of a woman Lucy Danova who came through the trials of hell.For me it is an example of a strong character. She survived and inspired others. The book is not only the information to the life in Russia and Ukraine but a lesson for immigrants. The plot is superb. People who are interested in national disasters and the history of eastern countries as well as immigration will most probably be interested in reading this book.From my point of view this novel will attract all types of readers as it touches different aspects of life.There is a combination of different genre types from crime and drama to fantasy and mystery. Everyone will find something new. I strongly recommend to read this book.

  • Victor 777

    The book in bed with a russian president touched me.It is not only a crime and magic as it was adverised. It is a deep book about love and friendship,the relationship between nations and countries, Thank you Lyudmyla Finch for being kind to all. I can characterise this book as a song of love:to people,to the Motherland,to the friends,children,parents. People,do not miss this novel.

  • Peter823

    The book deeply impressed me because it is difficult to define the genre. The links to crime, political drama, romance, fantasy are perfectly combined in one novel. I have read Made in the Ussr by Lyudmyla Finch but it is completely different. Now I am going to read all the books of this very special writer.

  • Viking Arthur

    This impressive novel and the author is under valued. May be it is a fear of the power to tell about the problems of the immigrants who are not appreciated in the UK. The author did not describe the tragedy. It is a positive and optimistic novel. It is yhe anthem of life ,love and bravery.

  • Karen

    A really intelligent and ultimate human story awaits in this fabulous crime novel. With the most wonderful blend of stark and sharp plot lines mixed with richly descriptive detailing this a beautifully readable novel. It is unbelievable and magic.

  • Claudia

    I have just finished reading this book. The characters are so real. They remind me of my friends. Lucy Danova is so beautiful. My God! The best novel. Girls, there are so nice recommendations for us.
    Do not miss it.

  • Alexander The

    The book is very unusual and disputable in many ways but the characters are so real. Lucy is the greatest woman I have ever seen. So clever, brave, tender.A unique combination of tenderness and bravery, Very nice.

  • Anna Volkova

    I have just bought from the author this book and couldn't stop reading. It's a real magic. The heroine is a unique woman. The book is so emotional.

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