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By: Jerry Loye Crawley

In God's Footprint

Pages: 230 Ratings: 5.0
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Ridge Mason’s world was just a remote and secluded corner of Northwest Tennessee that lay barricaded between a mighty river and a beautiful lake. Yet it knew no boundaries. Only moments after taking his first breath, Ridge suffered the most devastating loss a child could ever experience – the death of his mother. Yet it presented no barriers to him. His father and uncle, by contributing equally to his rearing, made sure of that.

As a young man, Ridge’s life on the enchanting body of water had become so rich and colourful that he thought he could never be torn from it. But when the beautiful and alluring Madelyn Fleming entered his world, it was suddenly turned upside down. The unusual and complicated situation this created, forced Ridge to abandon the only place on Earth where he ever wanted to live, in order to save the one he loved. Fearing he would never be able to return home again, Ridge was almost torn apart by his insatiable love for Madelyn and the lake that never stopped beckoning him. When it appeared that only a miracle could appease the two opposing forces, that’s exactly what happened.

The nearest mere mortals ever come to being Divine is when they write a novel. Authors create worlds, within the pages of a book, formed only from paper, ink and the resourcefulness of their imaginations. A good writer has the ability to fill that world with unique and fascinating beings, and a great one possesses the power to breathe into them, eternal life.

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1 reviews
  • Rin Sossamon

    I absolutely was blown away by this book. The time period it was set in is my favorite... the 1950's. When the difference between right and wrong wasn't a matter of opinion. Life was suppose to be simple and I guess in most ways it was. But the internal struggle with the characters are as real as it comes. You can feel the emotions build with each page turned and I love that it wasn't just a love story. We have all the adventure that the great outdoors of 1950's western Tennessee has to offer..The author paints an amazing portrait of the surroundings making you feel like you are their. And after a few weeks after finishing the book... I feel like I still am their. Enjoy!

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