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In Heaven, On Earth-bookcover

By: Annette Duffy

In Heaven, On Earth

Pages: 152 Ratings: 5.0
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In Heaven, On Earth is a love story played out in the Afterlife and Earthlife, following one lover’s death, transgressing the realms. This memoir recognises the profound grief suffered by souls when parted by death whilst offering hope, love and solace for those aggrieved. In Heaven, On Earth is part of the wave of literature channelled from the Higher Self, Disincarnate loved ones, The Divine or Source, experienced and recorded in popular memoirs and complemented by a body of research in Quantum Consciousness and Integral Life Studies. Dr Duffy does not work to validate the Afterlife; rather, she tells her story, grief-stricken at the shock she personally experiences, followed by profound exhilaration at her dead husband’s communication from the Afterlife. This raw and honest story explores the big questions, asking how human spirits may contribute to their souls’ awakening and the collective consciousness whilst on ‘earth’s learning journey’.

Annette Duffy received a Doctorate of Philosophy in Indigenous Spiritual Leadership in 2010. She has published nationally and internationally, receiving an international award for Inspirational Leadership. Her educational career spans thirty-five years as teacher, principal and supervisor of schools. Annette has been guest speaker in several forums across Australia, having received national awards for outstanding leadership in Indigenous Education.

Annette migrated from Scotland to Australia with her husband, Brian, and their four children in 1988 on the wave of the bicentennial. Annette lives in the Queensland Rainforest, blessed to have her immediate and extended family nearby.

Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • N steffen

    Could not put this amazing book down absolutely superb a fascinating book much needed and valuable book loved every page of it

  • Katherine Mason

    I know Anne through yoga. Anne has been a student at the Gold Coast yoga centre for many years. I was blessed to have been given her book to read and read I did. I welcomed the content of this book as I had just lost my father and it was a great comfort. I highly recommended this book to help us all understand death and know it is not the end of life, instead giving more meaning to our lives.

  • Johnny Selfridge

    Perhaps it was curiosity or even more likely to be indicative of my age and stage of contemplation in life, but I decided to have a read at this book on the afterlife and see how personal relationships can (allegedly) transcend this lifetime. I am so glad that I made that decision, it has helped me overcome some intellectual and spiritual challenges that I probably needed to address (long overdue!).
    Whilst, not a total convert (even now) it has allowed for me to easier explore my safe boundaries and expand my thought processes. I have no problem in recommending the book to both young & old, it is certainly thought-provoking and a real page-turner.
    A real good read that left me fulfilled at one level but also seeking more life answers...

  • Rosaleen Hart

    I loved every minute of this book. From start to finish, I could not put it down. Annette & Brian are my aunt and uncle (and also godparents), and the book was truly fascinating getting to know even more about them that I never knew! Brian's sudden death had a huge impact on their immediate family, right through to extended. Shortly after this my dad also passed away unexpectedly which left me truly hoping for signs of him still being around and with us. This is when I took more of an interest hanging on to something I was not even sure existed. After reading Annette's book, it gave me just what I was missing and answers to questions I was asking myself. comforting and inspiring. Must read!!

  • Yvonne Spear

    How often in life do you come across a book which you can't put down. Especially today when we get caught up in what we think are important daily life events. This is that book, once I started, I couldn't put it down. I had to finish it, I had to follow the journey it was taking me on! I am so happy I read In Heaven On Earth when I did, as the journey taken was both back to where I used to be, (and what I had believed in), and forward to a more mature interpretation of life and the afterlife. There is such a very thin veil between them. As a nurse, I have experienced this first hand.
    Thanks, Annette for such a good read, a great experience, and an enlightened, positive and happy way forward. Back to the future!
    yvonne spear RN

  • MrsG

    This is a quite remarkable book, a stunning and highly unusual, thought provoking love story.
    Written in the form of a memoir, it charts the lifelong and enduring love between the author and.her soulmate, only for this love to be tragically cut short in his untimely and devastating death.
    But fear not all you who hope, as this enduring love is rekindled in the afterlife
    I love this book. It is told with such integrity, courage and is quite beautifully written .
    So so glad I stumbled across it as this is not a genre I usually dip into.
    Oh my, but am I glad I did. Brilliant.X

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