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By: Michael Lingaard

Jonathon Goode: Honorary Witch

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Twelve thousand years ago the fabled island of Azlan, in a cataclysm of gigantic proportions, disappeared beneath the waves, and all her mysteries were lost with her.

Or were they?

Jonathon Goode and his cousin Elizabeth Waterhouse are told by a fairground fortune teller that they will meet an elf in an emporium where magic is bought and sold. And thats exactly what happens! An Everywhere Key, an ankh to you and I, is gifted them which can open a portal to, well, everywhere. Especially Thallos, a place beyond our reality; a place where the magicians of ancient Azlan fled to as their island sank.

Thallos is a land of Rocs, Great Worms dragons to you and I dwarves of unexpected occupation elves too and magicians. Particularly the charismatic young magician Cadifier.

But there are also trolls and centaurs who conspire to rule all with the help of a newly-discovered Great Crystal of Power from lost Azltan.

Soon, battle lines are drawn, and a beautiful Centauri warrior, Chenna, falls in love with Cadifer and helps their cause; the dwarves and the elves and the Great Worms rally behind them and Jonathon and Elizabeth delve into the secrets of the pyramid of Thallos to become that which their bloodlines demand.

Ancient Aztlan reappears and the most powerful magician of that lost world brings the memory of his bloodline and the power of his office as the O-Si-Ris to help Jonathon Goode become the most powerful magician in twelve thousand years.

Michael Lingaard is a daydreamer. He was dragged around the world from a very early age – new countries, new people, new dreams. Born in England, he was taken as a young kid to Australia, where his parents had dreams of a new life. At twelve years of age, those dreams took them to New Zealand where college, then engineering gave him that which he draws on today: inquisitiveness, logic, appreciation of the written word, the ability to just think and day-dreaming. He later moved to Australia to chase a career, got married, had two children, then started a business. However, the daydreams never went away, so he decided to convert them into making stuff up and putting it down in books.

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