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By: Jacqueline Sayers

Know your enemy - A User's Guide to Bad Management!

Pages: 83 Ratings: 5.0
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So there you were, working hard, getting great feedback and performance ratings; when the new boss arrives and apparently you have suddenly become a liability. Nothing you do is right and even if you double or triple check the instructions, you are still messing up. Your colleagues are all feeling the same, but when you ask your manager questions or try to provide some constructive feedback, the situation only gets worse and it seems as if you now have a target on your back.

Have you become a total failure overnight? Are you delusional? No; you have just encountered a career bad manager. Your situation may seem dire but you can still learn a lot from such an individual about how not to manage. Forewarned is forearmed so read on and get to “know your enemy”.

Jacqueline is an experienced line and project manager who has held multiple roles in the pharma and medical devices industries. Jacqueline has had the privilege of managing several internationally based teams and (fingers crossed) has helped them to succeed, develop and have fun along the way.
Like most people, she has also experienced a number of bad managers who apparently see management as a blood sport.
She is, however, proof that it is possible to survive even an extremely bad manager and still come out fighting.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Deirdre Moynihan

    Know Your Enemy is a self-help guide to understanding the motivation and thought processes of bad managers and how you might survive the experience.

    This is a great book that takes a tongue in cheek approach to understanding the all too common workplace problem that faces people in their everyday work environment. “Why would someone want to be a bad manager in the first place?”. As the author points out it takes almost more energy to be a “bad manager “as it does to be a “good manager”.

    Despite the billions of pounds spent on Management training each year in every sector of the workforce, bad managers are an all too familiar problem and a top reason for people to look for new employment opportunities.

    If people can overcome their fundamental beliefs and feelings that, “this would be a great place to work, if I only had the right manager, “ and the fear that bad management is such a universal problem that it is better “the devil you know” rather than the monster manager you might meet in your next place of employment.

    Know Your Enemy covers a wide range of management and leadership topics from the bad management end of the spectrum and ends with a useful bad management index questionnaire that can help you rate just how bad your manager might be. It also offers some good survival tips on how to formulate your own personal strategy for overcoming a “good” bad manager until either you or them move on!

  • Alie Jules - Founder of Jules X, Speaker on Modern Leadership, Business Owner

    Bad management is unfortunately very much alive in organizations and industries across the globe. Many of us have experienced bad managers at some stage during our working life. Jacqueline Sayers perfectly paints the picture of the many forms bad management manifests itself - and it's not pretty. As a manager, you can always strive to improve.

    A good reminder of what not to do can be found reading Jacqueline's well-crafted demonstrations of a bad manager and the behaviours they exhibit. Jacqueline states: "Knowledge is a vital weapon in the "war" against bad managers..." The knowledge you gain from reading how not to be a bad manager helps you identify bad management when you see it and to become a better manager.

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