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Lady -bookcover

By: Christopher Hayes-Brown


Pages: 88 Ratings: 4.3
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On his eighteenth birthday David is given a six-month-old German Shepherd puppy, and immediately a bond is formed between David and Lady, as he calls her. They become inseparable, working together on the family farm in Yorkshire.It is, however, 1944, and the country is still engaged in World War Two so it is only a short time before David receives his call up papers to fight for his country. He wants to do his duty but is worried about leaving Lady behind, David then discovers he is able to enlist her as a guard dog to work alongside him.Although the Germans are in retreat there is still fierce fighting and David, along with Lady, is taken as prisoner of war. Whilst in the camp Lady offers comfort to the internees, and is even a link between the internees and the German guards, and the bond between her and David becomes even stronger.This bond, indeed love, for each other makes them even more inseparable right to the very end.

An accountant, always willing to support/help others, keen in wildlife conservation, helps to fight cancer, loves gardening and growing exotic plants, including orchids, has various pets, loves writing, dancing, Lau Gar Kung Fu, ancient history, various music and entomology.

Customer Reviews
22 reviews
22 reviews
  • Vf

    A lovely heart warming story. A great read for animal lovers.

  • AT

    a lovely read that would appeal to all age groups and a book that you can happily read over and over. Very sad but also true to life - thoroughly enjoyed

  • Mike Austin

    As an animal lover myself, it is clear that at the heart of this book, the author has inserted his love and experience of dogs. The way Lady is written can only be done so by someone who is writing from their personal experience with dogs of their own, which I love. It’s a heartfelt, wonderful story that will appeal to all ages. I cannot wait for future publications by this Christopher Hayes-Brown.

  • Heart warming, fantastic read for all

    I love animals, and one of my favourite dogs are German Shepherds the bond between a dog and its owner is inseparable. Chris has really captured this in this heart tugging story. It even made me shed a tear at the end. This book was also read by my 9yr old and she loved it so much she asked for the next book. Both of us can't wait for the next books.

  • Gary Langman

    Initially I was apprehensive about reading this book as it's not the genre I would normally select. It was my daughter that recommended I should give it a go as we both share an interest in history and she had read and loved it.

    Well I can tell you that I virtually couldn't put the book down from the moment I started it. I normally only read just before going to bed but I found myself stealing moments during the weekend to read it. I loved they way the characters are so believable that they almost leaped from the page. The author really puts you back in rural pre war Yorkshire. You can really feel remarkable bond between David and Lady during the highs and lows (have some handkerchiefs at the ready) of their journey in this wonderful heartfelt story.

    I would recommend this book to anyone animal lover or not as it's simply just a damn good read.

    Gary Langman

  • Jamie Bonfield

    For someone who doesn't read a lot i read lady and i instantly got into the story and could feel the heart and passion for the characters so i couldn't put the book down and when getting to the end of the book the emotion and passion i had for the characters i more or less felt like i was next to them over all this book is amazing

  • Marc Ogier

    Lady is a great compact read for all ages. Chris provides a short moment of escapism and takes you back to a time when young men were called up to fight for their country in the Second World War. He introduces a unique character dimension by describing the relationship of a man and his dog and how we should see all animals as equal amongst us. This book is ideal to read on a journey or when you have a few moments spare at the beginning or end of the day, it was very enjoyable!

  • K10

    Written with passion & thoughtfulness, easy read :)

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