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Christopher Hayes-Brown

An accountant, always willing to support/help others, keen in wildlife conservation, helps to fight cancer, loves gardening and growing exotic plants, including orchids, has various pets, loves writing, dancing, Lau Gar Kung Fu, ancient history, various music and entomology.

Author's Books
A Spring Tale

With the cold and dark days of winter far behind now, the wonderful smell of spring in the air and the warmth from the sun’s rays, the first wild daffodils starting to unfold their bright yellow flowers, the smell of the primroses, the carpets of wood anemones, the bright yellow celandines, the sm...

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A Summer's Tale

An adventure about the various animal characters in A Summer’s Tale in the beautiful setting of Snowdrop Hall, home to Lord and Lady Badger and their children. The adventure is full of fun, full of imagination, loveable animal characters with lots of magic, suspense and intrigue, as well as music,...

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A Winter's Tale

One cold and frosty winter’s morning the animals in the pine and oak forest were busy gathering various berries, leaves, flowers, and fruits from their larders to be taken to Snowdrop Hall, in preparation of the annual winter festival. Come and join in the fun and find out what a magical time wint...

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An Autumn's Tale

An amazing magical adventure from the animals at Snowdrop Hall, celebrating this time an autumn feast and Halloween with amazing stage effects. Then followed by music, including from Tilly, Pip, Oliver Fox and Ollie the German Shepherd, and the many animals who will be singing some wonderful and mem...

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Lady Visit To Nepal And The Far East

This powerful story, the sequel to Christopher Hayes-Brown's book Lady, tells the amazing adventures of Lisa and her son David, along with their German shepherd dog Lady. They are given a great opportunity to travel to Nepal on a two-year conservation programme. This will prove to be full of won...

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Secret Island - A New Dawn

In this sequel to Christopher Hayes-Brown's book Secret Island, the High Lord Amon of Atlantis devises a plan to rebuild and recolonise an Earth which has suffered a complete environmental collapse. While Amon himself stays behind and travels across Atlantis, a series of ships undertake the dang...

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On his eighteenth birthday David is given a six-month-old German Shepherd puppy, and immediately a bond is formed between David and Lady, as he calls her. They become inseparable, working together on the family farm in Yorkshire.It is, however, 1944, and the country is still engaged in World War Two...

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Secret Island

Christopher and David are two lecturers who have come to Egypt to visit the magnificent pyramids. But awaiting them are not the mysteries of Egypt but of a land altogether unknown. Beyond a shroud of mist and raging seas, guarded by ferocious creatures, Atlantis is as mercurial as it is eerily famil...

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