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By: E. E. Tanner


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Ever since childhood, Alisa Lark has always felt like an outsider among humans. Her sense of alienation dissipates when she encounters Dhona, an extraterrestrial from the planet Tuvranii and Earth’s appointed guardian.

Dhona unveils to Alisa the hidden truths of the world, exposing the many secrets shielded from humankind. Through Dhona’s revelations, Alisa glimpses the lives and origins of the mystical beings inhabiting a concealed world.

Alisa’s unique bloodline presents her with an opportunity to embark on a transformative journey. She learns to harness ancient elemental forces and awaken the dormant power within her. By accepting this path, Alisa stands to become the thirty-eighth Legira.

But what is the Legira? This title represents the judge and executioner of the hidden world, a role entwined with immense responsibility. The Legira’s duty extends to maintaining peace among mystical creatures, safeguarding humans, and protecting the myriad secrets that shroud our planet. Alisa’s journey towards this pivotal role is fraught with challenges and revelations, reshaping her understanding of both herself and the universe.

How can an ordinary person write about an unknown, yet familiar world?

By daring to dream big.

E. E. Tanner wasn’t born a bookworm, nor was she initially interested in reading or imagining fictional stories. In order for this to happen, she needed a certain fantasy crime novel that drew her in completely. Ever since then, reading has remained one of Tanner’s favourite activities. She never went to university, nor did she study creative writing. She simply had a story, occupying her mind for years, so she finally decided to put it on paper, to share the world she sees with others.

She might have a simple life and an ordinary job, but if there is one unique thing about her, that’s her courage to believe and take action to make her dream come true.

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1 reviews
  • Csaba Timar

    This book looks promising. I found the author’s website which is worth checking

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