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By: Sean Taylor-Cole

Let That Dark Horse Run

Pages: 226 Ratings: 5.0
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Have you ever wondered why someone snaps? Just lose it mentally? Forensic experts conduct investigations to answer these very questions. Sometimes there are glaring reasons and sometimes there are not. Most would never understand the depth of the mental suffering of the person in question. This of course doesn’t absolve the person from any dastardly deeds. The mind of the individual may reach a fork in the road. That mind could either take the right fork to commit suicide or take the left fork and kill those who have perpetrated the most grievous harm towards them. Or further still, they could just keep going straight and suffer horribly, dying a little every day. Did anyone know of their mental suffering? Did he or she try to obtain mental health care? But there was no one and no one cared or helped. I suppose you wonder why and how that I could possibly speculate? Please read on…

Sean Taylor-Cole is a retired police officer from a Canadian city police service. Sean is the only child. Her husband died from liver cancer at the age of thirty six years old and they have no children. All her relatives reside in England. Sean has shown tremendous resilience in her pursuit of justice from workplace harassment. Sean has had an unfailing determination to survive through a life throughout with endless tragedies coupled with astonishing bad luck and timing.

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2 reviews
  • Tegan Osmond

    I study Workplace Mobbings and do a podcast on this issue, and this is one of the worst cases I've come across. I grew up in the town where this beautiful woman was a police officer. I will always remember, as a child, her beautiful hair and warm and caring nature. The fact this woman is still standing is a true testament to her incredible character. Targets of Workplace Mobbing are often the best and the brightest. This case is no exception.

  • Jane Young

    This story wouldn’t be believable if it wasn’t a true story that happened to a female police officer. It’s true, google it.

    There seems to be a tragic cloud that follows her wherever she flees. Yet year by year she trudges on, continuing as a full-time caregiver yet hasn’t been able to find help for herself. It reminds me of the movie The Revenant. She doesn’t give up, even when she wants to.

    The injustice surrounding the harassment by colleagues and even superiors are disgusting. A good old boys club. How dare she have feelings. As soon as they realized she could be weak in any way, they pounced. No punishment, and no consequences. Life goes on for them and now ready to retire. All of that was ruined for Sean.

    Lack of family physicians, specialists, mental health access, and health care, in general, contributes to a person's physical and mental decline. Without a support system in place, and family to look out for each other, Sean is fiercely independent despite such challenges. Her dogs are her support, her lifeline. I wish her peace.

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