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Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFit-bookcover

By: S.K. Grunin

Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFit

Pages: 76 Ratings: 4.9
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Ivy Sue Klutz (Little MisFit - LMF) finds one of her first memories confusing. This is when she is three and a half years old and is at her sister Lynn's birthday party. Their cousin, Janet, asks the partygoers to guess what Lynn's birthday present is as the truck delivering the present is backing up to the front porch of their house. Unbeknown to LMF, Janet told the other kids not to really guess that it's a bike. You guessed - LMF guesses that her sister is getting a bike for her 5th birthday present. But instead of everyone being happy that LMF guessed the right thing, everyone is mad at her and none more than her mother. LMF runs off to her soon-to-be baby brother's bedroom and tries to hide behind his dresser, with her mother hot on her heels, yelling at her all the way. From this experience and many others through her 4th grade years in school, LMF learns the Life Lesson that Life Isn't Always What It Seems.

S. K. Grunin is a retired law enforcement officer and a retired college professor. For almost 20 years she taught for the University of Virginia and for a number of other colleges and universities. In addition, Dr. Grunin authored a published textbook that was used for her UVA Graduate School courses. Finally, she is a retired executive, who has also been an executive coach, a CEO, a human capital consultant and retired from the federal government, where she served in various positions for the federal courts, including over 25 plus years spent as a federal law enforcement officer. Dr. Grunin is a member of the executive board of the Gulf Coast Writers Association of SW Florida.

Book 1 of Little MisFit is the first in a series of seven books that Dr. Grunin is in the process of writing. Each of these books focus on an important life lesson. In book 2, the Life Lesson is: “Life Isn’t Always Fair”, in addition to writing books, Dr. Grunin is an artist too and she paints oil paintings. Pictures of her paintings and some of her other book titles can be found online.

She and her husband, Howard, have two sons, Jason and Justin. She resides with her husband and their Shiba Inu, Kona, in Naples, Florida.

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Customer Reviews
19 reviews
19 reviews
  • Lori Barbee

    What a refreshing read! LMF took me to my childhood and brought back so many memories. I had my children, ages 11 and 15 read the book. The want to write their own review. Dr. Grunin does a great job of reaching multiple audiences. A must-read!

  • Cynthia

    A clever way to show how to fit in when you don't fit in!

  • Dee

    What a fun book. Chuckled throughout. Great book for a family with children who “occasionally” get into mischief. Especially those kids who are very clever.

  • J Hall

    Life’s Lessons gets your attention from the very first page. S. K. Grunin has a wonderful sense
    of humour and wit, really bringing the characters to life.
    Little Misfit, as a three-year-old, learned a real Life’s Lesson at her Sisters birthday party.
    Little Misfit is a prankster! The pranks she played on her classmates will bring laughter to your day!
    Little Misfit enjoyed spending time with Mrs Martin her neighbour.
    She was very kind and helpful to Mrs Martin. A life lesson that brought joy to my heart.
    This is truly a book that is written for all ages. I can hardly wait to read book 2!

  • Karli (aged 9)

    I really loved this book. I liked how she told us about how she felt and all the problems that I might have. I enjoyed reading it!

  • Craig Bowman

    t was easily consumable as each chapter acted as a separate story which makes it great for bedtime reading. The wording is written for an 8-10-year-old in my opinion. Karlina liked how Ivy Sue Klutz shared her feelings and the different scenarios presented seemed to resonate with her. I couldn’t help but think that any child who feels bullied, different, or is searching for self-understanding will resonate with the character. Given the alternative of reading Nancy Drew and the Invisible Staircase, she chose this book every night.

  • E. Kreuter

    LMF is a witty and humorous story of a little girl‘s first experience with the world of the grown-ups which puzzles her. She learns that „life is not always what it seems“ and realizes that she is different from the other girls. Despises girlish things and identifies herself rather with the figure of the „Tom Boy“. She gets in a lot of trouble but stands her ground. As soon as she has to take over responsibility unexpected changes occur. She discovers the world of books as a resource of knowledge.
    It is a wonderful read written with wit and easy-to-understand style for young and old.

  • Mary Hastings

    What a fabulous book for the Little MisFit in all of us! The chapter format of the book and the underlying subjects that come through in Ivy Sue’s quirky adventures through life are sure to bring about great bedtime conversations between parents and children. It was a delight to find such a lovely book that will speak to any age. Now I just need Book 2!!

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