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The Caterpillar and the Butterfly-bookcover

By: Michael Rosenblum

The Caterpillar and the Butterfly

Pages: 34 Ratings: 5.0
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From Michael Rosenblum, the bestselling author of Happily Ever Always: A Guide to Personal Transformation, Security, Confidence, and Healthy Self, comes a debut book for beginning readers. This ageless story introduces us to a caterpillar named “Fear”. Fear is afraid of everything – the other critters who share the garden, lightning storms, being bullied and making new friends. A chance encounter with a wise butterfly named “Faith” helps Fear find the courage within to experience the world in a bolder and more joy-filled way. Rosenblum’s message for children is simple yet profound: fear is just faith turned inside out.

“Children will realize that changing fear to faith is up to them as they explore this magical story. Bravo, Michael Rosenblum!”

Dr. Kathleen Hagstrom


Walt Disney Magnet School

Chicago Public Schools


A self-made man, Michael Rosenblum is a popular motivational speaker and workshop leader. Additionally, he is a sought-after guest expert on TV and radio in the US and Canada. Born in Dallas, Texas, he was raised in the Washington, D.C. area. After graduating from the University of Missouri, Rosenblum moved to Chicago, where he began a career in media sales, eventually creating and selling three travel magazines. He next set his sights on the competitive Chicago real estate market, quickly establishing himself as one of America’s most successful brokers. He is grateful to be able to share what he’s learned about fear and faith with young readers.


As a child, Polina Poluektova loved art and enjoyed creating imaginary worlds. Her main sources of inspiration were classic fairy tales, folklore, nature and animals, both real and mythical. She is a graduate of the prestigious Academy of Art in San Francisco and lives in Switzerland, where she is a professional illustrator.

Customer Reviews
41 reviews
41 reviews
  • Christina Catlin

    A delightful and imaginative story that should inspire children and even adults.

  • Vincent T

    This book will put a smile on your face. The storyline is lovely and the illustrations are amazingly colorful. The message of believing in yourself, building confidence and learning to spread your wings will resonate with the whole family. Buy one for yourself and others for those you love. A perfect birthday or holiday present.

  • Alasdair Burns

    "I bought ""The Caterpillar and the Butterfly"" for a young child and read it before gifting it. It is a delightful recounting of how fear can dominate the way we see and live. Fear, a caterpillar, is befriended by a butterfly named Faith. Faith, a protective person, allows Fear to build his confidence in a worry free way. She introduces him to things that previously he found scary. Fear changes from being sad and scared to being confident and happy.
    This inspirational story is perfectly paired with enchanting, bold, vibrant, expressive and colourfully magic illustrations. They have a dramatic and moody feel. Alternating from dark and sad to light and happy as Fear's confidence builds.
    This is the sweetest, cuddly book that will entertain children. As in all good children's books the author sees kids as thoughtful people. Many older people should read ""The Caterpillar and the Butterfly"" and benefit from the powerful message of overcoming fear and believing in yourself. Fear to Faith.
    ""The Caterpillar and the Butterfly is a beautiful and powerful book."

  • Book Lover

    I loved everything about this book from the meaningful lesson it teaches in a language even young children can understand to the vivid illustrations. It's so important today to teach children not to be afraid and to open their hearts and minds to new, different and exciting experiences. And of course there is the beauty of discovering things with a friend. Embracing new experiences helps us learn, mature and metamorphosize from a frightened little caterpillar into an intrepid, beautiful butterfly. You just have to have Faith. Michael Rosenblum has synthesized these lessons into a lovely story book that will appeal to children and to all those who read The Caterpillar and the butterfly to them.

  • Wendy B. Dolin

    "The Caterpillar and the Butterfly is an absolute must-read for children of all ages. In this world today, to find a book with such a simple, powerful message of believing in yourself, is inspiring and hopeful. To turn fear into faith is a message that resonants for our time. Author Michael Rosenblum understands the power of words and leaves us feeling encouraged and inspired. I loved this book so much that I purchased 10 copies to give to my friend's grandchildren. Polina Poluektova's illustrations are magical, powerful and whimsical. I hope this is not the end of this brilliant collaboration. This book should win an award for the best children's book of the year!
    Wendy Dolin"

  • JML

    It would be a meaningful gift if Michael Rosenblum’s enchanting The Caterpillar and The Butterfly were characterized as compulsory reading for all children. It is illustrative in a simple and elegant way of life lessons that all children are confronted with and endure both before and after transmogrifying from the base of simple childhood to adulthood. It would be a joy to behold for any adult to have the opportunity and good fortune to read this beautiful and symbolic story to any child or grandchild as the book’s narrative and illustrations are presented in such an enchanting and magical way. Thank you, Michael Rosenblum, for creating The Caterpillar and The Butterfly a book for the generations.

  • Beth Lee

    We are a family of book lovers and while I try to utilize the library as much as possible, I am so glad I purchased this book for our family. This book was an instant favorite among my three elementary age children. The story is beautifully written, provides an important life lesson about overcoming fears, and is simple enough for young readers to sit and engaged with the story over and over again. The illustrations are fantastic. The characters are brightly colored and loveable. The illustrations help to facilitate more open ended discussion about fear with young readers. To simply conclude, we love this book and I am so thankful it is part of our ever growing book collection.

  • Info Seeker

    Schools should give every child this book to read. A great book for every child for them to see themselves as worthy, safe and valuable. This book, in a simple story format, beautifully illustrated takes a child in a simple easy step by step process to self worth and strength. A must read and great gift for every child or any parent who has a child! A fun read, simply said to help any child see their worth and growth potential. Another thoughtful book by the talented author.

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