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Living from the Inside Out-bookcover

By: Claire Smedley

Living from the Inside Out

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At some stage, many of us face a moment of reflection, looking in the mirror and wondering what happened to the carefree, dream-filled child we once were. It’s common to question whether it’s too late to pursue those dreams that once sparked such joy in our hearts.

Living from the Inside Out poses a crucial question: Do you see life as something that happens to you, or do you believe that you actively shape your own destiny? This book challenges the belief that we are mere victims of circumstance, presenting an empowering perspective. It delves into the age-old quest to understand the extent of our influence over our lives. Are we reactors to what life throws at us, or creators of our own path? Interestingly, these roles are composed of the same letters, just arranged differently. This metaphor serves as a reminder that we have the power to rearrange our perception of ourselves and the world around us, thereby actively creating our lives from the inside out, breathing life into dormant dreams, and moving beyond stress and dissatisfaction.

Author Claire Smedley introduces readers to the Kosha Roadmap, an ancient yogic model for living a fulfilling life. With her two decades of experience, Claire revitalizes this ancient wisdom, giving it a contemporary twist that is accessible to everyone. This book promises to transform your understanding of yourself and your life, serving as a guide to lasting happiness.

Claire Smedley currently lives in Thailand with her husband after embarking on a nomadic lifestyle mid-pandemic. Selling almost everything they owned, they set off on an adventure and freed themselves from physical ties. They reached Thailand, fell in love with it and haven’t left. She has one grown-up son, now living the dream as a ski instructor in Switzerland.

Claire has always been fascinated by what it is to be human, a healthy human—in body, mind and spirit. Following a love of science, she got her degrees in biochemistry and chemistry and then began to explore Eastern concepts of health, spirituality and well-being.

Claire was a senior yoga teacher and trainer for almost twenty years and has taught subconscious experiencing for about seven years. She has always had a passion for the less taught aspects of yoga philosophy and breathwork and in 2022 qualified as a Pause Breathwork facilitator—a transformational form of breathwork that helps individuals feel safe and fully present with the whole spectrum of their emotions, traumas, and old wounds.

Following her own self-directed recovery from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease, and lifelong irritable bowel syndrome, she pivoted for a few years to help other women who felt frustrated and disempowered by their autoimmune diseases. She is a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, with specialisms in gut health and the Autoimmune Paleo Approach (AIP). This period of her life gave rise to her first book, Nutrition-New Story-New You: Cookbook-Delicious Recipes and Your Guide to Avoiding the Common Pitfalls of the AIP Diet, which she co-authored with Sue Persad-Patel.

Her work as a health coach brought her full circle back to the kosha model and the perspective that you cannot have great health by only focussing on the body, and that led directly to the desire to write this book.

Claire blends nutrition, yoga, meditation, self-enquiry, subconscious experiencing and breathwork to help people fulfil their potential in life. She works from the premise that there can be no physical health without emotional, mental, and spiritual health, aligned with an intrinsic sense of purpose, unique to each individual.

Claire remains first and foremost a student of life; a teacher second. She is her first and most important client and is committed to walking the inner path so she can help others from experience rather than theory.

For more information on working with Claire, you can email her at

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