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Local Time-bookcover

By: Fleur Lind

Local Time

Pages: 459 Ratings: 4.5
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The zesty staff and 'locals' at Carrisbrook are at it again!

Sophia is preoccupied with wedding plans and building extensions, when the lads go AWOL. The locals cook up a storm, and Dorothy and the girls become accessories to grand theft. Stuart, the newly-hired groundsman, has everyone fooled when he plays his deceptive card. Hank has the ideal wedding venue, but who are the dubious duo on the guest list?

A new local, Percy arrives bringing a bag of agendas and prejudice. Clementine goes into battle, and karma catches up at Carrisbrook.

To top it all off, the PTM Mk2 falls into the wrong hands at the White House. Who didn't read the instructions first?

Local Time brings new characters, new dramas, surprises and romance. With the keel anything but even on this last sail, get ready for more mayhem, chaos and fun on the good ship Carrisbrook.

New Zealand born and raised, Fleur met her Aussie beau on her side of the Tasman; they have two children and their black Burmese cat ‘Brina’.

From a clerical/sales/fitness background, Fleur wanted a complete change and took the aged care industry head on, and as green as grass.

Being the youngest of 5 siblings, having older-aged parents, she stepped comfortably into her role as carer in rest homes and in the community environment. Nine years on, she loves her job and hasn’t looked back.

With adult-aged children living their lives in NZ, but with scope to cross the Tasman, Fleur and her beau now live in Queensland, Australia, with Indy – the family’s black, furry, feline addition.


A new writer, ideas continue to fuel her passion for writing, which includes regular short stories submitted to The Warwick Daily News.

Customer Reviews
10 reviews
10 reviews
  • June Hobbs

    I really enjoyed catching up with the characters at Carrisbrook again. I love the Lads and the antics they got up to. I love Clementine the cat. I loved the plane trip to the wedding. I'm glad Constance finally got her comeuppance with the stolen ring! I enjoyed the juicy bits too. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Percy's lack-lustre, I laughed out loud about his marshmellow syndrome!. I'm going to read Local Time again, such a fun read.

  • P J Pavlosky

    With Local Time, the Carrisbrook Trilogy comes to its conclusion. Author Lind, now writing solo, saved the best for last. Returning are the delightful characters that reside or work at Carrisbrook, a home for active seniors and there are a few new people to keep it all very interesting. There was a bank theft story line in book two, No Time for Rules (NTFR) that I did not care for and I was relieved to see it brought to a quick conclusion in the very beginning of Local Time. Done and dusted!  More good news, there is none of NTFR’s need for editing. Local Time’s read is clean and smooth and I looked forward to it each day.
    One of my favorite characters in book three is the returning Clementine, a cat and so much more. She is used to great advantage in Local Time; an improvement over her appearance in NTFR. Local Time includes a double wedding and there is plenty of romance and lots of sexy moments (all tasteful). There is also plenty of good humor, confusion and bits of mischief due in large part to four male residents who are called the Lads. I can see their hijinks showcased in a BBC sit-com.
    As in books One and Two there is the element of time travel in Local Time. It is old hat for most of the characters, simply enhancing their day to day lives. However there is always someone who doesn’t read the directions…. Alas.
    Now that author Lind has found her solo voice and writes in such an engaging manner I hope we will have more to read from her, whether or not she takes us back to Carrisbrook .

  • Anonymous

    This book was a joyous escape from the everyday. Brilliantly written, engaging and really reaches out to you. Wit, sarcasm and adventure await any who dare open these pages. I fully intend on reading more from this author. Brilliant.

  • Lynn Collie

    This book was a great read. Exciting and interesting, what were the characters up to, how would they handle things. Didn't want to stop reading it but had to go out and put it down. First thing when I got home was pick it up and start again. Can't wait till the next book from this author is released.

  • Ian McDonald

    As the words of a very famous song go..'Let's start at the very beginning." The beginning of course is not where I started when I read the first book in the Carrisbrook trilogy. Local Time is my starting point and now look forward to joining the dots with the first 2 books.

    This book is a very easy read to get started on, rather than having to get half way before getting a handle on the story line. The Characters are light and easy to go along with. I am sure that in the small town I was born and grew up in, I am sure I knew several ladies that may well have been Dorothy.
    The book being written in short to medium length chapters makes it a book that encourages the reader to read on a bit further than you may have been planning. If I was going to encourage a younger person (I am early 50's) I would certainly hand them a copy of Local Time.

    I am and always have been a non-fiction reader, so this book was challenging given the fantasy story line. But however it was very simple to step into the story line. Why so? The authors ability to put humour so confidently into the story, gets my tick of approval.

    There is no doubt in my mind that an American or European author would have no hope of writing such a light read. The New Zealand quirky story line is light enough to have allowed me to read the book twice in quick succession. This is something I normally would never do.

    So, for anyone who just needs to slip off down a dreamy story line, I recommend you get your hands on a copy of Local Time. You will not be disappointed.
    In my life of reading, this is probably the only time that I have known the author, to whom I have now been enlightened.
    Congratulations Fleur! All those many long hours have paid off.

  • Carol Hill

    I’ve read all 3 books in the Carrisbrook You need to pour yourself a cuppa and cut a slab of fruit cake, buckle yourself down and hang on for a fast paced ride that will leave you both breathless and wanting more.

    The hum and the gentle rhythm of life as a local bubbles along but this is overlayed with lotto wins, sticky fingers, new friends, the taxing crossword and conductor Clementine keeps her eye on the happenings and maintains the balance between chaos and routine.

    The lads still have their sense of “she’ll be right!” attitude which has them ‘caught out’ once, new friendships develop and well you will just have to buy the book.

    The ladies are in for treats, catch-ups, pampering and well a double wedding? What more can you as for.

  • Gillian Wells

    An interesting and engaging story, that has a lot going on in it. Tremendous amount of work has gone into this book and it deserves the reviews it's got, well done.

  • Pam Duncan

    So enjoyed reading Local Time by my friend & Author Fleur Lind. The characters are so real and totally enjoy their time at Carisbrook Retirement Village with lots of zest and humour. I was so captured by the story and how Local it was for me as a friend of the author I could identify with many of the places where adventures were happening that I felt I knew everyone in the story and can’t wait for my retirement years so I can move in and enjoy the fun in this village. Fleur has a great talent with her story writing I am looking forward to reading many more.
    Local Time is a great read and will put you in a happy place.

    I rate this read a 5/5 well done Fleur.

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