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Love Is A Losing Game-bookcover

By: Preston Nelson

Love Is A Losing Game

Pages: 92 Ratings: 5.0
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Always love yourself first, be cautious of giving love too soon, you should make a conscious effort to make sure that you’re getting loyalty, honesty, respect and dedication from the other person before you give in to the emotion of love. Keep in mind love can’t be turned off like a faucet if the other person becomes problematic. How many times have you heard of someone staying in a toxic relationship they obviously shouldn’t be in and the reason is that they love that person? In my opinion, you don’t have to be in love first for a marriage to work. Make sure the other person is worthy of you loving them first.

The author is originally from Kansas City, he has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Houston-Downtown. Nelson has a daughter and a granddaughter and has been divorced for 28 years. He has five siblings and has plans to travel around the world one day. Nelson enjoys photography and video production and has produced entertainment for the local community.

Customer Reviews
14 reviews
14 reviews
  • T. Spencer

    This book is a really good read, it was awesome and hilarious. I think it should be made into a movie. I thought about the movie “Friday” but this book in my opinion was more funny.

  • A. Nelson Nubian

    I want to say that I loved reading this book!!! Although I didn’t finish it in one sitting like I could have, I know that I did not want to put the book down because I wanted to see what was going to happen in the next chapter. I love Meanie Me’s character! There is definitely a motivating and positive message in this book, and that is that against all odds, with focus and perseverance, you can be like a Phoenix and rise above the ashes of your situation and succeed. The one-liners and jokes throughout the book had me rolling on the floor laughing, which made it such a fun story to read. Kudos to the author for weaving together the intricacies of life so well.

  • Sharay Williams

    This book is definitely a page turner, I read it from cover to cover. I kept wondering what Tina would do next. I also learned something as well, very good reading.

  • Kellie Skinner

    I really enjoyed reading this book and I learned something about myself reading this book. I couldn't put it down. I read the book straight through, it held my interest, I couldn't put it down.

  • Aaliyah Stone

    Preston Nelson's book "Love is a Losing Game" is enticing, earthy and relatable, obviously from the opposite perspective of a woman..hahahaha. Eye opening! I loved it!

  • Veronica Bell

    I love this book, I feel for the author, actually I learned something and I will take the advice given in the book.

  • Tia Spencer

    It’s a must read and a true page turner. A two thumbs up!

  • Candy

    We all know that love don't love nobody and that if you want love you must give love. When you give tainted love, it usually creates bitter and unforgiving, irreparable feelings and can turn deceitful actions into a one sided hill causing love to be a losing game for some. This book puts deceit on blast and let's the reader know that you can't walk into relationships with your eyes wide shut and that time doesn't always heal. The way Preston delivers the message in this book, you can't unring that bell! Real talk.

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