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By: Ian Abraham

Marnari Rashna

Pages: 190 Ratings: 5.0
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The story starts with Marnari Rashna, the last from the order of magi, being summoned to the king. On her way there she meets Quinn, the most interesting street urchin ever. Quinn has an amazing talent: one that Marnari has only heard of, but never seen. Marnari invites Quinn to join her the next morning. The girl has nowhere else to be so agrees.

The two of them head to deal with the kings business, only to realise it is a trap: a threat on the kings life looms. Racing back, they are too late. The only friend Marnari now has at court, the stable master, tells her that there may be an heir. The only one who may know about this has long since left the continent and headed to the northern shores. Quinn doesnt want to leave her new horse behind so opts for the gateway, never used since the great war. There is only one quick way to get there: across the plains.

Dangers await, yet the gentle soul of Quinn has only ever known one life. This will become the greatest adventure of her life and of all those she meets.

Ian Abraham first started formulating the idea of the characters for the Meean Universe during his time at university studying biology between 2005 and 2007. During that period, he was also introduced to healing with crystals and spiritualism. This opened a new doorway of interest and can often be seen in his work too. After leaving, he wrote several pieces to try to find the right fit, but eventually his life was given to the universe he created. During this time, Eyes of Eternal Souls was born by a woman’s eyes. It tells of various characters, who each have their own unique qualities, which are all derived from Ian’s emotions. His writing mostly revolves around commercial fiction. Having suffered abuse as a child from seven years of age and suffered many different things, he has many emotions that are released in the writing.

In recent years Ian suffered a severe head blow, costing him most of his life memories. Now he sees stories all the time. All his writing is done to music. Some artists help to inspire certain moods, but the unknown, dark-haired woman has been his greatest inspiration. A person’s eyes are a gateway to their soul. This was true when seeing her eyes, which brought about his favourite character and a future concept. He has always enjoyed stories and his belief is that one exists in everything there is. He has proven this many times by just being presented with a prop and then telling a story about it.
Stories have always been something that Ian has enjoyed and often escaped to. His life has also led him to believe in things that most won’t, allowing him to see with different eyes.

Customer Reviews
46 reviews
46 reviews
  • Frosch

    Enjoyed the book from cover to cover. I eagerly await more from this author!

  • Elizabeth Wingfield

    This book is a real page turner I read it in 24 hours. Cannot wait for the next one. Brilliant

  • Erik

    Absolutely amazing. You are instantly pulled into the story and you just cannot leave it alone. Once you are finished you are just left wanting much more. Inspiring story from this author. Hope we can get to read more from him soon. Cannot wait for the next title.

  • Debbie

    Wow, I was blown away when reading this story. Unable to even put it down, but you know how life is. You have to, but my thoughts were constantly being pulled back to what would happen next. As soon as it was possible to reach for the book I had purchased, then I was back to reading again. This is a story, which is impossible to put down. You will want to reach the end and when you do, are desperate to know what comes next. i can't wait for the next piece to this magnificent story. well done to the author. Keep then coming.

  • Colin

    A friend put me on to this novel. Even though I don't read much, which I need to change. He was right. I was unable to put this down. You are immediately pulled into this fantasy world and cannot help, but want to stay and be apart of the story. Drawn into this immersive tale, you follow the character Marnari, who is then accompanied by another with a gift. (I won't say, as it will spoil) It is the nature of this character that you get latched onto. Then as you get deeper into the story, you just can't stop. Each page has to be turned and all words read. You feel compelled with a need to have more and are unable to stop until the very end.

    I had no clue until the end that this was first time author. For how well this has been put together, whether you are a fantasy lover or not, you will be drawn and pulled into this story. Really looking forward to the next part. An amazing story to enthrall all of many ages.

  • Mia Raynes

    This story kept me enthralled from the beginning to the end, everyone should ready this story. Well, done to the other, can't wait to find out what happens next.

  • Mike Jarvis

    Amazing and incredible story set in a fantasy world with magic, the idea for the authors use of magic is something I have never seen used before. The story just seems to flow and pull you forward. A truly remarkable original take, never done before. I have marvelled a the collection of characters and was completely immersed in this tale. A strongly recommend this story. When is the next story for this take coming.

  • Mary Clement

    Fantasy is one of my favorite escapes. Even though I have read many in the past. I took a break. Now I have come across this new original story, which has lifted me up again to seek out reading more. The tales is very well put together. So, very immersive that you just want to keep reading more and more. I was unable to put it down and was soon through it within a couple of days. All should read this. It is suitable for most ages. Not sure why it was released for adults only, but just cant wait for the next gripping piece of the tale.

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