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By: Melanie Franner

Moments in Time

Pages: 120 Ratings: 4.0
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Moments in Time is a fictional account of a spouse’s struggle to overcome the grief of losing her husband. It is an engaging story that speaks directly to the reader in a candid and forthright narrative through a series of “moments” in their lives. The story is honest and compelling, captivating the reader from the very first paragraph. 

Melanie Franner is a freelance writer who currently lives in Ontario, Canada. She loves to travel, is an avid reader and is fond of being outdoors (especially in the summer!). Over the years, Melanie has written business articles for numerous industry magazines. Moments in Time is her first foray into the fictional world.

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1 reviews
  • Fae Liesl Enchantee

    The journey of loss is a vague path. There are no written instructions to follow that can help ease the pain. No one knows how long before the loneliness subsides. Friends, family, they are just the anchor that keeps us afloat. But they can’t tell us what to do to find our way back to being whole again. Grief is a journey that we need to take on our own. Moments In Time by Melanie Franner follows the journey of a wife as she tries to cope with the death of her husband.

    Written from the first-person point of view, the author did a marvellous job of detailing the emotions of the wife suffering from the death of her husband. The author used words that clearly describe the feelings of the character without being too loquacious or exaggerated. Melanie, the author, introduced the husband only as a memory. So, the story slid from reality to memory without notice. That’s actually what I liked most in the author’s writing style. The transition is so smooth that I didn’t feel it happening. Do you know the feeling when you’re reminiscing something that you suddenly slip from reality then relive the moment in your mind? That’s what the author exactly did. She accurately depicted a wife missing her husband.

    I had a hard time deciding if I liked the ending or not. I felt like the novel focused too much on the grieving and recovering stages that the recovered stage only got snippets of what has become of the widow. I hoped the author wrote the recovered stage as thoroughly as possible because I think it would be a great example for the reader to see what happiness looked like at the end of the grieving process. The author ended the story with an unexpected twist that will show how strong the widow has become, but I think it’s unnecessary and just brought me sadness.

    I would give this book 4 out of 4 stars. The novel is exceptionally written and edited. The story is very relatable. I cried multiple times thinking how depressing the grieving process is for the wife. I smiled many times for a charming husband that is actually fictional. It’s a very heartfelt novel. One I would truly remember for a long time.

    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a tear-jerking novel. However, I especially recommend this to people who have lost someone recently or at any point in their life. I believe people’s experience in grieving and coping up with the death of a loved one is very subjective. No one can exactly understand the depth of the loneliness a person may feel, which leads to feeling isolated and depressed. This is why these kinds of novels that portray the reality of grieving are very important. It gives people that are directly suffering from a loss a hopeful reminder that whatever they may feel, it will eventually get better. Maybe not instantly, but at least they know that after a while something can make them happy again.

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