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Moorland Forensics - Bound by Polaris -bookcover

By: Julie D. Jones

Moorland Forensics - Bound by Polaris

Pages: 296 Ratings: 4.8
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Murder is afoot in the Southwest, again.Muriel Jennings, elderly mother and owner of the successful Jennings Clay Company, has met a premature end—survived only by her children and business partners, Stella and Mark. James, Katie and Fiona Sinclair, at Moorland Forensic Consultants, have been tasked with assisting the investigation.After attending a meeting at Muriel’s book club in Bovey, Katie learns the last book to be read: The Sinner’s Daughter by Lillian Webster—the story of Ted Cartwright who murdered five women in his remote home on Dartmoor, a little over fifteen years ago.The more she uncovers about the lives of those close to Muriel, her family, her business associates and her book club, convinces Katie of parallels between the Jennings and the Cartwright cases.Could the two be linked—fact or fiction?Julie D. Jones delivers a murder-mystery, set in Devon in which the landscape is as alive as the characters breathing in her prose. Moorland Forensics - Bound by Polaris, is an intelligent piece of fiction that will have you guessing until the death.

Julie was born in Bovey Tracey, Devon and raised in the South Hams on the South Coast. After training as a nurse at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital she moved to Australia and divided her time between working as a clinical nurse and within the music industry.
This is her first novel and draws on experiences growing up in the spectacular landscapes of South Devon and a passion from an early age to write.
She is a classically trained flautist, proficient horse rider and journalist.
She lives in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area near Sydney with her husband and two children.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Miriam Smith

    I was pleasantly surprised at just how good "Moorland Forensics - Bound by Polaris" was, and how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!
    Muriel Jennings, elderly mother and owner of the very successful Jennings Clay Co., has been murdered. She is survived by her children and business partners Stella and Mark Jennings. Can Moorland Forensic Consultants help solve this mysterious and baffling crime. Can a book "The Sinner's Daughter" based on a Dartmoor serial killer from 15 years ago hold all the answers???
    This was a really intriguing murder mystery book that kept me guessing till the end and I loved the little interesting paragraphs in between chapters eerily relating to the storyline regarding the serial murders. It turns out there is actually two storylines running alongside each other throughout the story which tie together at the end seamlessly and really keeps your interest going until the conclusion.
    James, Fiona and Katie Sinclair are the very intelligent and knowledgeable siblings who own and run Moorland Forensics and are delightfully likeable and engaging characters. The way the author Julie D. Jones incorporated bits of each of their previous private life was very interesting and clever. I can easily see future books delving more into their pasts.
    There's a lot of forensic knowledge covered in the plot and the author must have carried out a huge amount of research to able to describe all the technical equipment and processes involved in forensic science.
    "Moorland Forensics" really is a smashing crime novel that I'd highly recommend and I truly hope to read more about the intriguing cases the Sinclair siblings are given to assist solving.
    5 stars.

  • Susan Krich

    This was a very enjoyable book.
    As I started the second chapter, I was reminded of "Rosewood" a TV show that I used to watch every week.
    It is not the same but the forensics lab and some characters are reminiscent of it. Sometimes this can cause a comparison that is unfair but the book did not disappoint me at all.
    The story line is interesting and moves right along.
    I liked the twists, turns and surprises along the way and at the end.

  • David Stenson

    The team of James, Katie and Fiona are contracted to investigate the murder of Muriel Jennings. The more they probe the murkier it becomes with dead ends and red herrings. One constant clue is the book " The Sinner's Daughter". How does this murder relate to 5 murders 15 years ago? The mystery wont be resolved until there is another murder. A veritable textbook of forensics for the budding sleuth.

  • Lorraine Paul

    This is not my usual type of reading but was very intrigued to read it as it is set in an area I am familiar with so was keen to have a read of it. I could picture the place where James, Kate, and Fiona worked together and enjoyed reading to get to know the character's work and personal life's to build a picture of the characters. The storyline is very clever in how it runs the past and present murders alongside each other. The book really does keep you guessing till the end. A great read and I was excited to read the next book in the series Devils Realm.

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