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My Mommies and Me-bookcover

By: Annie Casta, MD

My Mommies and Me

Pages: 14 Ratings: 5.0
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Egypt loves to play with his red truck and red plane every day and wants to be a pilot like his mommy, Jazmin. Egypt’s friend, Tommie, has a mommy and a daddy, whereas he has two mommies, and he wonders why this is.

My Mommies and Me is a charming illustrated book that teaches children about how people are different and how we accept those differences.

Ever have trouble explaining to your child the different family types? This book is designed to help showcase diverse families in a simple and fun way. Whether you’re a single mom or one of two dads, we all share this land we call earth with our children.

Annie Casta is a primary physician who specializes in sports medicine. She has a passion for children and athletics as well as a passion for her own family.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Marie F

    Wow! Where to start... I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this book for so many reasons. Firstly, I love that one Mommy is a pilot and the other is a doctor, which is very empowering and inspirational for young girls. Secondly, the innocence of the child who likes to “play and play” especially after they explain that all families are different - like all innocent, non-judgemental children, the child gets it immediately and continues playing. This is also a strong message for adults who still struggle with the idea of same sex parents - if a child can understand and accept this fact so easily, then why can’t you? Finally, I love the cultural diversity illustrated in the different examples of parents, so not only is it teaching children that is quiet normal to have a single parent, parents of the same gender and parents with different genders, it is also normal to have parents from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, without spelling it out to the reader, the message is powerful. Clearly this author is brilliant and this book should be in every primary school classroom across the globe. We need more literature like this to ensure we spread the message that love is love and we are wonderfully normal in our differences. Thank you for writing this book and I really hope to see more from you in future!!!

  • KJ Armstrong

    My mommies and me is an important story which simply and seamlessly introduces the concept of same sex parenting in a way which normalises and celebrates diversity. A highlight of the story for me is the way it is told through the eyes of a child offering us all a model of the lens we ought to see the world through, the open, curious and accepting minds and hearts of children. This story gives greater visibility and positive representation of the LGBT community in an uncomplicated and meaningful way, just what we need more of! Awesome!

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