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Naughty in Pink-bookcover

By: David Ian Groves

Naughty in Pink

Pages: 106 Ratings: 4.9
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From the day of her birth, Daisy Dikdocks has ‘Pinkitis’—a condition which spells out a life as Naughty in Pink. With her clever mind and expressive face, she is a challenge to all those in authority, including her mum, never quite disobeying but finding ways to create mayhem wherever she goes. Her special friends love her naughty attitude and her ability to think up funny pranks and clever tricks that she performs on their teachers. Her mischief at school and outside makes life exciting and fun for all of them when Daisy is around.Her school principal, Sister Thelma, believes that Daisy is leader of a gang that is causing all the trouble at school. She is resolved to outwit Daisy, discover the gang and stop all the nonsense with the threat of a single large bottle marked ‘SLIME’ on her desk. But will she be able to link Daisy to the havoc at the school? Or will Daisy be able to outwit her principal and preserve her gang of special friends?

Born in Brighton, England, David was educated at Varndean Grammar School before migrating to Australia. He gained first-class BSc Honours and PhD degrees at the University of Tasmania before joining the University of Western Australia.
He was rapidly promoted to Professor and Director of a major research centre, winning numerous medals and awards for his research and research publications in Economic Geology, including papers in the prestigious journal Nature and Scientific American.
He was awarded an Honorary DSc from the University of
Western Australia and was elected as a Fellow of the
Australian Academy of Science.
As Emeritus Professor, he commenced writing novels with
his first published work being The Digital Apocalypse.
Naughty in Pink
is his first children’s novel.

Customer Reviews
32 reviews
32 reviews
  • Brendan Spencer

    Bought this book for my niece recently. She loved the characters and the pranks they played on the teachers. She is looking forward to the next instalment.

  • Brock Salier

    This book was read by my 8yo boy in two nights! Despite the lead character being a girl, he liked the pranks (esp stinkbomb) and liked the book. Enjoyed the odd picture, and liked the evil sister, and enjoyed the trip to Australia. Been re-gifted on the birthday party circuit and enjoyed by mates at school.

  • Cheryl Johnston

    This is the story of Daisy Dikdocks, who loves coming up with very humorous, practical pranks which are played out, with the help of a few school friends, on unsuspecting members of the public and her class teacher. It is very amusing, laugh out loud, easy to read a book that flows well. The writer's descriptive style makes it very easy to visualize both the pranks and the various characters, and I particularly loved Daisy and the Principal, Sister Thelma. The question throughout the book is ….Will Daisy be found out? Will the Principal, Sister Thelma, finally outwit the mischievous Daisy? Or, will Daisy and her mates continue to create havoc with their unusual and very funny pranks? This book promises to be very funny, with the telling of numerous delightful escapes by Daisy and her friends.

  • Suzanne De Bethune

    This children's book has got to be a success. It is full of delicious ways to be naughty while not exactly being bad. What fun!! I know several children who have read this book and all have rated it as excellent.
    It would be a great book for a series. Hope there's another one on the way.

  • Karen Lyra

    Naughty in Pink is cleverly naughty and fun. My daughters enjoyed the main character Daisy and her cheeky behavior and found it relatable to their school life. Lots of good laughs and looking forward to the next book and adventures. Really great read.

  • Liang Zhang

    Wow!!! This is a great book for kids. My daughter likes it very much. She is growing up towards a cute naughty girl. We are going to have a lot of fun in life. As Chinese, it is also an excellent book to learn English. Hope it can be translated into Chinese in the future. Looking forward to the next book for kids by the author.

  • Boze Jia

    This book has got to be a complete success. I enjoyed it from beginning to end and especially loved the pictures. The pranks played a big part and made me laugh out loud. Also, I think this would be a great book to write a sequel for.

  • Shengxun Sai

    I really like the personality of this little pink girl, and you will feel pretty happy to read her story and those innocent ideas are just sooooo funny. Teen and adults would think of their childhood when reading it.

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