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Northern Souls -bookcover

By: James Parsons

Northern Souls

Pages: 420 Ratings: 3.0
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Eric leaves the funeral of his girlfriend, suspected of her murder, to commit suicide. Her ghost appears, telling him of demonic tribes fighting to seize control within the north-east of England. With his friends Taylor and Emma, he investigates these increasing and brutal attacks while the ghost of Grace visits Eric, imparting directions and clues. They confront and battle the unholy forces from Tynemouth to Gateshead and all around. Eric makes a pact with a group of demons in return for saving the soul of Grace. He is given unspeakable supernatural power as they see his use, though Eric soon struggles with the fury and dark hellfire within.The people from all around the north-east soon learn of many increasing murders, torturous killings and hideous deaths around them, and many take refuge in churches and temples. Taylor is distracted by a mysterious stranger, and Emma learns of a connection to events at Holy Island. With the friends separated while the bloody carnage mounts around the north-east, can the northern souls be saved?

James Parsons studied art and design and then film/animation production at Northumbria University before writing screenplays, short fiction and then books. Previously, he has published two SF books"”Orbital Kin and Minerva Century. This is his first horror novel. He is married and lives in Manchester, UK.

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1 reviews
  • Miriam Smith

    I've been very much looking forward to reading "Northern Souls" by author James Parsons as the book is set in my local North East area - it always makes the reading more enjoyable when you can relate to places and street names mentioned in a book. I wasn't disappointed and together with an interesting, original and novel idea for a story this book is a great example of supernatural horror.
    We are introduced to the story by seeing Eric at his girlfriend Grace's funeral. Unable to cope with the grief of losing her and the accusation of having something to do with her death he leaves the funeral to commit suicide by jumping from the Tyne Bridge. After two unsuccessful attempts he realises something powerful is causing his failure - the ghost of his girlfriend is preventing his suicide and wants to warn him of demonic tribes fighting to seize control within NE England. Together with his friends, Taylor and Emma, he investigates these increasing brutal attacks while the ghost of Grace continues to offer directions and clues. When Eric makes a pact with a group of demons in return for saving the soul of Grace he is given an unspeakable supernatural power but struggles with the hellfire within. When the friends end up separated and the carnage mounts around the north east - can the Northern Souls be saved?
    It's an interesting plot, not too heavy, easy to follow and definitely worth a read - highly recommended to readers and fans of horror and the supernatural.
    3 stars.

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