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By: Paul Phillips

Obsession... You Will Always Be Mine

Pages: 303 Ratings: 4.5
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What price would you be willing to pay to get the life you always dreamt of?Aaron Taylor is a rock star in crisis. His band, The Rams, have split up and he is struggling to reach his past glories. Now allegations are being made about his personal life, which could have a devastating effect on his family.Only Aaron and a few other people know the truth behind the stories, but in the pursuit of a legacy, he has a choice to make…Kelly Conner, meanwhile, is in love with Aaron. From a distance, she has always believed that one day he would come back to her, but now she is not so sure. Frustrated and angry, her patience is starting to wear thin.Now the clock is ticking, and time is running out for Aaron.

Paul Phillips is a first-time author who is hoping to turn his wife’s obsession with celebrity news into a book that will thrill you, shock you and leave you unable to put it down.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Miriam Smith

    " will always be mine" was a very addictive, entertaining and enjoyable read that had me hooked from the very first page. There's only a couple of characters to the story which enables you to become embroiled in the tale immediately and form a connection to them. I liked Aaron, what you saw was what you got, a young rock star enjoying the fans and celebrity status he found himself surrounded in. Kelly was a unique character which at times you didn't know whether to have sympathy for or to hate, however towards the end it soon becomes clear how you should feel! It was interesting to see how her mental health declines so rapidly once she realises her dream wasn't to be - very scary too. With twists and turns "Obsession" is a story that is very much believable in the first part, obsessive fan following a celebrity's every move and I loved following Aaron's and Kelly's thoughts throughout.
    This is a very well written story by debut author Paul Phillips that I thoroughly enjoyed and I'd happily recommend to psychological thriller readers young and old alike.

    4 stars

  • Red Headed Book Lover

    Obsession is a thrilling, exciting, unique and action-packed mystery novel that will entertain and excite readers from beginning to end. From the very start, readers will be turning the pages with haste, and this is thanks to the exceptionally talented author Paul Phillips who from the beginning grips his reader with his razor-sharp prose and excellent characterization. Obsession is a compelling novel that is breath-taking as well as absorbing and this combined with the unraveling mystery at the heart of the story makes the story even more enjoyable and intriguing, and so all of you lovely readers should have a read of Obsession because it is sensational and should not be missed!
    Obsession is a remarkable, twisty-turny novel that will introduce the reader to the protagonist of the story, Aaron Taylor, a Rockstar who is struggling. Aaron’s band, The Rams, have now broken up, and so he is struggling to survive without his much-loved rock star lifestyle. When serious allegations are made it will only complicate Aaron’s situation further as well cause stress, and ‘devastating effect on his family.’ What follows is a thrilling narrative that will introduce the reader to a host of unique but fascinating characters all while the mystery is unraveled and this book lovers is the premise of the sensational Obsession.
    The story of Obsession is an electrifying one that had me entertained from the start. When I read the description of the book, I instantly knew I had to read it because the mention of mystery and allegations that I wanted to know more about had me hooked! I love reading gritty mysteries, and Obsession is one of the best ones I have read in a long time. The story that unraveled was so entertaining that I struggled to put the book down. Obsession can only be described as the type of read you think about when having to put it down; when I did I would not just think about the book but long for it, and this is thanks to Paul Phillips accomplished literature.
    Paul Phillips is a fantastic author for many reasons, but one of the core reasons is that he was able to grab my attention very quickly at the start of the novel. With most books, it takes a while for the author to capture my attention but not with Phillips, oh no, he knew exactly what to write to have me hooked and what a ride it was. The twists and turns alone courtesy of Philips are noteworthy because they were so shocking as well as unpredictable, I love unpredictable stories where the story is continuously evolving, so Obsession was the perfect read for me.
    Overall Obsession is a gem of a mystery that is guaranteed to entertain and thrill readers so I, of course, have to award the astounding book five stars! So please, if you are looking for a brilliant mystery that will puzzle and entertain you at the same time, then Obsession is for you!

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