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By: Willem Weijters

on dreams, no compromises

Pages: 54 Ratings: 5.0
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moon on a lone tent
if you seek the occupant
my verses may serve

A delight in the limitless freedom of writing poetry and a lasting fondness of life are the substratum of this late collection.
It’s a lifelike chaos.
It is of love’s joy and pain, of ambiguities between nature and society, attachment and independence, trust and despair.
It has follies, gloom, rhymes, free verses, loose and traditional shapes, lilts and cadences, and no capital letters.

Willem Weijters was born in 1941 in Nazi-occupied Netherlands. His parental family came out of it poorly.
He studied and taught Dutch, alternating work with long travels on a budget, eager for experiences, nature and solitude.
Roaming alone or with a dear one, he favoured Himalayan and Andes regions, and within Europe empty areas like Ireland’s. A Buddhist since the 1970s, he walked the 88-temple pilgrimage of Shikoku.
Admiration and revulsion take turns in his links with mankind; fondness and independency do so in love.
All along he wrote texts; some Dutch poems were published.
This collection of English poetry is part of his spätlese efforts.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Gert Derkzen

    The best solution for a rainy day in Covid time; the best option for a sunny day at the beach in the Algarve. On dreams!

  • Rian van Mook

    I love the book on dreams, no compromises.
    It makes me wonder and I can feel the hurt, the dream and the longings to past en unknown.
    Worth reading!

  • Sioe Tio

    The words, the rhythm, the melancholy and above all the dreams the author brings to you, take you on an infinite journey through the past, the present and the future. This book gives you a lot to think about. Chapeau, Willem Weijters!

  • Astrid Deuter-Adachi

    - the harmonious beautiful butterfly going upwards - on the cover
    - the rhythm of the pillow song
    - the explosion of senses in the verses of Keiji Adachis Mermaid
    - and my favorite, the sea, one can even smell the air of the sea, it is a beauty with an old, bittersweet taste.
    - many different styles, rhythms, haikus...
    Bittersweet, sometimes dark, full of emotions even painful and a deep view on the existence, no compromise. And for sure on dreams.
    Always the own view, always on the way, it is wonderful to follow Willem Weijters path.

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