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By: Charalambos Mavrommatis


Pages: 252 Ratings: 5.0
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In Onirohora, we are introduced to Constantine, a thirty-three-year-old man at the brink of despair. Life’s relentless challenges have left him without hope, a situation further compounded when his girlfriend Alicia ends their relationship. In a quest to escape his pain, Constantine takes a fateful drive to a place he holds dear, only to meet with an unexpected accident that transports him to a realm beyond the ordinary constraints of time and space.

This magical world, reminiscent of myths and legends, offers Constantine a rare opportunity for a fresh start. In this extraordinary place, he encounters two pivotal figures: a young boy brimming with energy and wisdom, and a cynical old man who has given up on life.

Constantine’s journey in Onirohora is fraught with challenges, as he finds himself in a land where the forces of good and evil are in a delicate balance. A veil of mystery cloaks this realm, where the convergence of religion and technology seeks to decode the mysteries of the divine.

Survival in Onirohora is uncertain. Can Constantine rise against the encroaching darkness threatening to engulf him? Will he be able to harness his inner strength to transform his life and secure a better future? The outcome rests on the resilience of Constantine’s will and his newfound enlightenment in this surreal and transformative journey.

Charalambos Mavrommatis is a new author, professional photographer, a family man and a supporter for World Peace. He is a religious man who believes that every single life on Earth deserves to be treated with love and kindness. From his childhood years, he was always watching sci-fi, horror and films based on actual events, as he blamed his mother about it, that she helped him build his imagination. Onirohora is a book that gives messages of life changing and how we can make the impossible, possible.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Jane B.

    Everyone needs a Dreamland to start a new life! It's a good book to think about everything!

  • George T

    I didn't expect an End like this! But, we all can imagine what our inner strength can do! It's all about faith and how a person can fight for himself against whatever bad might happen.

  • Maria

    Wow! Amazing Book! The concept and Constantine's journey to this imaginary place made more sense to his life. I believe there's going to be a sequel?

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