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Ottavia's Story-bookcover

By: Clara Franklin

Ottavia's Story

Pages: 205 Ratings: 5.0
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This book is not a documentary, it is partially based on a true story of a few women who spent time in the concentration camp. Ottavia is a young mother of one, with another on the way. She and Jacob, her husband, are a typical Jewish family. One night, they are taken to a concentration camp. On the way, she gives birth to her daughter in a dirty cattle train. When the train stops for unknown reasons, Ottavia takes drastic action not to kill her own daughter, but to save her life. Does she succeed? The moment she arrives at her allocated barrack, she rallies to the challenge of helping save the life of an inmate's newborn. Through their musical talents, Ottavia and a few fellow prisoners have a chance to help themselves and others to survive. Will they take the chance? In the hellish darkness, a flicker of light shines through. Their own prison guard amazingly becomes their guardian angel. She risks her own life many times in order to protect theirs. One of the unsung heroes. Through the long winter evenings huddling together to keep warm, they started to tell their own life story, sometimes sad and sometimes happy. To learn about their lives after the hell which they endured, you have to read this book. It will keep you captivated till the last page.

Clara Franklin was born in Poland. When the Second World War started her father was imprisoned and executed for disobeying German Soldiers’ orders. The family was taken to labour camps in Germany. Clara was too young to work and was separated from her family not to see them for the next 20 years. When the war ended she returned to Poland.

She studied hard to gain a diploma in midwifery; she married and had a family of her own. Finally at the age of 30 she was able to join her family in Australia. Not speaking a word of English she was unable to work in her profession as a mid-wife. Clara became a “blue-collar” worker. After two years she started in the ‘fashion industry’. In the early 1980s Clara opened and operated a very successful boutique until her retirement.

Sadly in a hit and run car accident Clara lost her husband. A few years later she re-married and the couple lived in Bathurst NSW for 40 years, until Fred’s death in 2013. She now lives in Brookfield Victoria close to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Ottavia’s Story is Clara’s third book her first novel Angel Wings was published in 2008 her second Entwined Lives in 2015. Clara’s long life dream to write a book came true after she retired at the age of 73 she is now 82.

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1 reviews
  • Julia Wilson

    Ottavia’s Story by Clara Franklin is a powerful historical story based on the true stories of a group of women in a concentration camp during World War II. It is a tale that will consume you.
    It was a time of great evil but even in the pit of hell, angels turned up in the most remarkable of places.
    It seemed like God had forgotten His people but He walked alongside them, showing up at just the right time. His hand was on His children.
    The reader witness’s bravery, love and care. It takes a great deal of courage to tread the roads that some trod.
    Families were separated from each other. “Maybe the unknown is better because then you can always have some hope.” Some wanted to hang on to hope. Others wanted to hear the truth.
    There were pockets of kindness during the darkest of times. Not all Germans were Nazis.
    God is a God who sees and who provides. After the war, an amazing amount of ‘coincidences’ just seemed to fall into place. Some characters received answers to long-asked questions.
    Ottavia’s Story was a powerful tale of amazing courage and compassion. It filled my heart and soul. It is a story that needs to be read in memory of the six million innocents. Thank you Clara Franklin for sharing it.
    I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.

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