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Paper Snow-bookcover

By: Azarius Borealis

Paper Snow

Pages: 129 Ratings: 5.0
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Noah wakes up with no conscious memory of who he is or where he came from. He discovers a pattern, others who share the exact same problem. Noah and the others discover that they are more than just people who’ve lost their memories – they are empaths. Each of them is a specific type of empath and must join forces to uncover the truth of their reality. Noah is an intuitive empath who can manifest his dreams into reality, but the more he taps into his dreams, the darker the truth becomes.

Azarius Borealis is a new upcoming author from Scotland (born 5 Jan 1992). He wrote the supernatural fiction novel Paper Snow – his first ever novel. Azarius uses his creativeness to journey his readers into a different dimension, where we do not only uncover the lives of his characters, but also discover parts of ourselves we never knew existed.

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  • Night Reader Reviews

    Paper Snow by Azarius Boreaus was not what I expected at all. In fact, it was one of the few books that completely surprised me. The description on the back of the book is vague yet considering the book is fairly short it is understandable. It was hard to write a summary without giving too much away. That being said there is a lot packed into a short book but amazingly it did not feel rushed as the author was able to effectively get the point across.

    23 – year old Noah wakes up with no idea as to exactly where he is or what happened to him. Everything is all white except for the garden that his bedroom opens up to. In the center of this garden is a giant baobab tree. At first, the only other person Noah sees is Coal, his doctor, but in the garden, he meets the people living in the other rooms surrounding the garden. It is by taking with the other people that Noah comes to know that all is not as it seems and why Coal is so interested in his dreams.

    Noah learns that he possesses a special form of empathy, as does the others living in this facility, and that it allows him to communicate with plants. The others also teach him about the sleepers and how they are all prisoners in the facility. The people running the facility believes that Noah and the other prisoners have the ability to save humanity. Noah receives memories from the baobab tree’s broken branches and tells the tree he is listening by creating origami symbols to represent each memory. With the help of the tree, Noah is able to find strength in himself and help others to escape.

    What I liked best is that the author highlights the deep connection the humans once had with nature wonderfully. The connection that the characters had with plants, animal, and each other were well explained. The first fifty pages were slow yet they promised interesting developments later on. It was difficult to stick with the book early on and I almost gave up on it. The jumping from Noah’s present to his memories, and then to the Arctic was rough at first but I was able to get used to it.

    The target readers for this book would probably be around high school and older. The content is fine for younger audiences I just don’t think that it would be able to be understood very well. This book requires a reader to have an open mind as it deals with empaths, communicating with nature, reincarnation, and the ability that our beliefs can shape our physical world if strong enough. I rate this book 4 out of 4. Originally I was going to give it a lower rating but the further I got the more I saw the book for what it really is. I am not even sure if the author knows what they created of if this was just meant as a story. It was an amazing experience to read and something I was able to connect with.

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