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By: James Adams


Pages: 396 Ratings: 4.8
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Do you ever feel confused, depressed or anxious? Do you think that you are going through some sort of crisis? Do you seem at odds with your partner, friends or work colleagues? But you can’t understand why this is happening? If so, Passionate will shed some light, as its author has experienced all these things and more besides, and has survived to tell the tale.

To achieve this, he experienced various therapies which helped to improve his mental health. But above all else, it was his discovery of attachment theory that was responsible for clearing his confusion and helping him to understand why his life had been so intense, so chaotic, and so passionate.

Originally applied to the early parent-child bonding process, attachment theory can also help explain why we have become who we are as adults. The author has applied this aspect of attachment theory to himself   as he takes us on a roller-coaster tour of his life, with thoughtful self-analysis applied to every stage of the journey.

Passionate is not a quick fix for people unwilling to look within but it does show how positive mental health can be achieved through a better understanding of what exactly is going on in our lives and why. So, strap yourself in for a ride that might change your life!

James Adams has taught psychology, sociology and the philosophy of religion in a sixth form centre for over twenty years. He is also the author of Attached to Coventry City.

Customer Reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews
  • Kate

    It an interesting read - the trials and tribulations we all might face in life, with an easy-to-read delivery - keen to turn the pages to find out what happens next!
    An intimate glimpse into the life, thoughts and reasons for the mistakes and triumphs of a Passionate man.
    Good explanations of how Attachment Theory impacts so many of us in our relationships with others as well as our attachment to our work and other things we do.

    Helped me to realise how people can not always help themselves from making the same mistakes, again and again.

    Humorous in parts, although a bit dark in other places, which I did skip over a couple of pages, but well worth reading, and keeping on my bookcase to dip back into.

    If you have always wondered how men think - this book explains how at least one man thinks.

    I am now thinking about my own relationships in a new light.

  • Rachel Angus

    I really enjoyed this book. I found each chapter engaging and was impressed at how James Adams was able to tell his own personal story, but then thread in elements of psychotherapy theory. I am currently in the middle of a psychotherapy course and have read lots of books over the past couple of years, but Passionate really bought the theory to life in a clear and accessible way. I particularly liked how Adams reviewed each chapter to put the theory into practice and then also included steps that the reader could follow to support their own positive mental health. Passionate is wonderfully referenced - clearly, Adams is an avid and reflective reader which shows in his analysis throughout the book. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in positive mental health, psychology, psychotherapy/counselling or those questioning their own intimate relationships.

  • Brian Daltrey

    In searching to understand himself Adams sets out his life in stages and produces his analysis at each part. In so doing he makes it easier to follow, and this combined with an interesting writing style results in a good read.
    His honesty and courage in examining his life in detail make you really want to know what happens next. He perseveres in finding out as much as possible about what makes people tick, and so we learn too.

  • A Rickards

    I can highly recommend "Passionate" to those interested in the search for meaning in life and relationships. James Adams uses the trajectory of his life to exploring religion, psychology and human interaction, particularly in reference to Attachment Theory.
    The book is most readable and written with humour. Each chapter is followed by a section elaborating on and referencing the points discussed.
    A well-written, engaging and informative book which has encouraged me to read further.

  • David W

    James Adams has written a book which is an 'autobiography plus' - its narrative is engaging, weaving personal reflection with a range of other authors and insights. I found it entertaining, challenging, provocative, puzzling and life-affirming

  • Julie

    I found this book an enjoyable and informative read. With my small amount of knowledge about attachment theory, it was interesting to read how James Adams reflected on his early life experiences and the impact they had on his future life and relationships.
    There is a useful review of each chapter which explores attachment theory in more depth, and some recommendations from the author to support the reader in seeking more positive mental health through a greater understanding of their own early year's experiences.
    I certainly learned a lot from this book, it has helped me to understand more about myself and the people in my life, why we act the way we do and make the decisions we make.
    I recommend the book to anyone who is interested in psychology, attachment theory and what it is to be human.

  • David

    Passionate it certainly was.
    What a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable read.
    James Adams is an easy as well as informative read. Full of insight and wisdom. A must for those who want to understand themselves better and what makes relationships work.
    Well worth the investment!

  • Prof Jeremy Holmes MD University of Exeter.

    Accounts of psychological and spiritual trauma are a problematic but important genre, treading a difficult line between self-indulgence and self-pity when autobiographical, and detached and clinical if professional case-histories. James Adams' touching, well-written, accessible book magnificently avoids these pitfalls. Its pithy short chapters, humour, engaging honesty and reliance on an overarching but non-dogmatic framework — attachment theory — sets it head and shoulders above similar accounts. Its journey takes the reader from the protagonist’s childhood through the life stages of adolescence, early and troubled youth and mid-life, to a mature and accepting, if still at times painful, maturity. Strongly recommended to readers interested in religion, sex, marriage, divorce, football, and the arts - i.e. almost everyone.

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